The Mustard Incident

The incident took place Friday night at 8:50 pm, Zahed was sitting next to me on the bench. The efforts from earlier in the day were showing fruition, bowls and bowls of meat were arriving to the table. Steaks, Hot Dogs, Burgers, and all forms of meat, we had every condiment ready and many of us were starving.

Zahed was sitting to my right when the burgers arrived, everything seemed normal and some of us were reaching for the buns. Each person was choosing his condiment, some were waiting for others. Zahed picked up the mustard bottle, and I was holding the ketchup bottle. Everything seemed normal but Zahed wasn’t getting any results. I turn to grab something else then a sudden burst of air and I felt something smear me. My right side was covered in Mustard and so was my dishdasha, but that was nothing in comparison to Zahed, if he jumped in a pool of mustard it wouldn’t have covered him as much. He was covered from head to toe in mustard, and we were all bursting out laughing, I still don’t know how that happened, and I don’t care. It was funny as hell, he cleaned up but we continued to enjoy the excellent food and great music. Perfect night for a bbq and a mustard explosion.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. At the beginning it sounded a bit weird lol Reaching for buns, condiments, starving and meat lol

  2. I’ve had a similar incient with ketchup. It exploded/fizzed out like a shaken can of soda drink! :O

  3. LOL…. it is funny! I am sure you snapped some pics!

  4. Purgatory

    did he use the “Its ectoplasm” excuse?

  5. hahhaa thats hella funny, I cant stand mustard!

    poor zahed!

  6. Hahahahahahahahaha hilarious and I second mimi I hate mustard!

  7. I still can’t imagine you smeared with mustard on a white dishdasha :P

  8. LooooooooooooooL, mustard doesn’t smell that good .. it must’ve been hard to stay in the clothes

  9. I love mustard, just not the pourable one :) I think its called grey poupon.

    Also, is Zahed Hashem’s brother?

  10. Zabo0o6a


  11. zahed

    ZOOK AM GONA KILL YOU hahahah yes yes yes it was funny and i ended up throwing the disdasha bas the funny part was i still smell like mustard ma3 ina i took 600 showers :) yes am hashem’s brother MYK

  12. Daddyz_Girl

    ya7aram, Marzouq I7NA NABI pics :P

  13. loool, you should carry with you a vanish stick

  14. Aghh, I wouldn’t be laughing if I were in the same situation. The mustard smell would have me fainted and the dry cleaning bill would be given to the restaurant owner. I’m way too uptight for my own good.

  15. Swair: lool

    3baid: Ketchup I think is worse!

    Ansam: Didn’t have the camera on me!!

    eshda3wa: very!

    Purg: looool! He wasn’t alone!

    K: hahahaha!

    ananyah: loool!

    Jacqui: I love mustard! I got side swiped!

    Laialy: he didn’t! Thats the funnier part!

    MYK: yes..

    Zabo0o6a: lol

    Zahed: hahaha

    Daddyz_Girl: E7NA MA NABI! lol

    pearls: that would have done nothing.. needed a vanish bucket! lol

    Angelo: we were all laughing!

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