Network Merge

I’m getting closer and closer to getting the network setup the way I want. I currently just received the Netgear FVS336G which will perform as an load balancing for both my ISPs.

The problem I’m having with my ADSL routers is that they won’t be able to be able to sustain this connections for a long time, and I need to restart them every once in a while, and if they are under pressure then they hang. I have a Thompson from Qnet, and Linksys from Kems but I needed to upgrade them. Going on a recommendation from a friend I am trying to find two Cisco 837 ADSL routers to use which will perform perfectly for my needs.

Link: Netgear

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  1. Bader

    Hi Marzouq, why don’t you get one cisco router with two adsl wic cards? Like a cisco 1841 router with two wic cards.

  2. DeReD

    Zouq, can u post details on how exactly you load balance using the router? Thanks

    Did u have anymore options besides Netgear?

  3. Bader:
    One word .. Money!

    A dual WIC + 1841 setup would cost at least 600KD (at cost). While this solution might be a bit more complicated .. its a quarter of the cost with roughly the same result.

  4. WOW!
    Where did you get the FVS336G? I assume it is not available in Kuwait? How much did it cost you? Do you have a spare I can buy? ;p


  5. hohooo

    hey im not k but may you check this why k information got into my firefox?? not fastelco again :)

  6. Bader

    Ur Right K, it will cost more, but you gotta admit, its worth more in the long run. I’ve read the spec on the netgear router and I’m very curious how the load balancing will work between the two ISP. Are both the upload and download gonna be load balanced? Don’t forget to keep us updated.

  7. Bader: Because its ridiculously expensive and impossible to configure for the normal person, I know of it and I think it would take me ages to set it up!

    DeReD: There were several options, I will write it up so people can get an idea!

    K: yup

    nbq: Got it from Amazon, its available there!

    hohoo: fixed that

    Bader: I will keep you posted, I don’t think that configuring the 1841 is easy for anyone! unless Im a CCNA, it isn’t going to be easy!

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