Black iPhone Custom

The iPhone is one the nicest looking products yet from Apple, you wouldn’t ever think that there is a lot of room for improvement, but a few tweaks here and there could make it look better. With this you have Knights Creation’s Black iPhone Custom, they don’t paint it for you, they upgrade the parts of the iPhone with anodized aluminum, and TIAN treated logos. You can buy one ready made from them or send yours in to be upgraded. It takes about a week to have the upgrade done, and if your phone is a bit scratched up this makes it brand new. They can also do it for other Apple products, to give it the black treatment, black 16GB iPhone($299 yours/$849 new), black iPod Nano ($99 yours/$329 new) and a black iPod Touch ($129 yours/$539 new).

Link: Gigapascal

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  1. It is quite hot. I can’t wait for the new iPhone to come out.

  2. A shop in Hawalli sells Colowarepc iphones, orange and purple I think. He sells the 8GB model for 240KD, when I bought my 16GB for 180KD. Sold it to friend though, waiting for the 3G model with Jacqui.

  3. Tartooob

    I hate the iPhone, Nothing special …

  4. if the new iphone looks different than the current one i’ll be PISSED.. this modded one looks totally HOT

  5. q8ya

    oooooo nice :) is that urs ?

  6. Always wanted to own one but the price is so high for a not so perfect phone …. maybe when a newer version is released i might consider getting one …. until thent he Xperia is my choice :)

  7. Jacqui: Going to be interesting for sure!

    myk: This is different, this is replaced parts, not colored! Jacqui is waiting for the 3G iPhones!

    blasha: check myk’s blog!

    Tartoob: loooool!

    snookie: very hot!

    q8ya: no no, I don’t have an iPhone! lol

    whatsupbahrain: A new one is coming out in June, I’m curious to how Xperia is supposed to be with the Microsoft OS, I don’t like that OS

    rashisha: it will be a nice upgrade for sure!

  8. Very nice customization. Will be waiting for the original customization though.

  9. Angelo: This is nice for sure!

    Laialy: yup!

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