Refreshing Ride

I haven’t been able to ride for over a month now due to the orange sand storms we have been having recently. The last week and a bit I have been tempted to go riding, but I haven’t had the chance. Monichum has been running his errands or going to the gym at night for the last couple of days. I had one thing to do before riding, so I headed towards TriStar, I wanted to check something.

I haven’t been on my 1098S for a while now, but Pyro started right up. I rode like a demon to the showroom, I think its because I missed riding so much. With a twin like the Ducati you feel a little heat between your legs, but its worth it because I was having so much fun. I was having fun and being a bit reckless, but I calmed down after a bit. There is nothing I love more then the torque of a V-twin coming out of a corner. After Tristar me and monichum had something cool to drink before heading home, there isn’t a lot of riding we can do at night during a work week. The one thing I get annoyed with is trying to take good pictures at night, I would need a tripod and I can’t really carry a tripod with me in my back pack.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I really wanna ride a motorcycle…. I think im gonna finally let mt cousin take me out one day!

  2. so whats monichum’s bike called? pyro looks hot as ever but I’m still digging monichum’s bike… it’s hot!

  3. Nice! Motorcycle post after all this time! We kinda missed that! Do I smell a muchboos post coming soon?

  4. Rashisha: wear motorcycle gear!

    ananyah: 749s, no personal name yet!

    Ansam: maybe, its in the works! lol

    Kodder: I think she means personal name!

    Laialy: I think I might take a stand with me next time, need to find a small one to carry in a back pack!

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