Kuwait Airways – No Water For You!

What can be said about Kuwait Airways that hasn’t already been said. They have an abysmal record for customer service and I doubt its going to improve any time soon. There is a lot that can be said for Kuwait Airways, but I’m going to break it down by flights just to give people an idea of what happens on a Kuwait Airways flight.

KA to Dubai:

  • The plane was about 85% full, but in economy there were a few empty seats. We were six guys and had a full row to ourselves which made things a bit easier.
  • They loaded us into the planes but A/C wasn’t really working so it was getting hot and damp in the plane.
  • The seats need to be reupholstered, out flight had no screens on the way to Dubai which is odd for a plane in 2008.
  • They served us food which looked like fish but was really chicken.
  • We asked for water the first time they passed by, she said “ok” and didn’t come back for 20 minutes.
  • We asked for water again, and then again, nothing, they just said yes and passed by.
  • 45 minutes later still no water and we were pretty much almost to Dubai.
  • The staff didn’t give a damn about the people they were either rude or indifferent towards everyone in economy.
  • The seats are relatively tight, it wasn’t comfortable at all, and to recline the seat there are strange buttons
  • The A/C was barely working on a plane that is at full altitude, they might as well have opened a door to let some cool air in at that height and speed.
  • The plane was 45 minutes late

KA to Kuwait:

  • I’m going to start off with the plane being 1.5 hours late.
  • A fight almost broke out in the bank from three drunk Kuwaitis who were rude to the stewardess and the whole crew were in the back of the plane. It took them over 45 minutes to get them off the plane. That was rather entertaining for keeping us delayed, but in reality it was originally delayed but taking the passengers bags of the plane was taking some time as well.
  • There was a level of excitement on the plane at this point.
  • There were screens on this plane but I think the screen on my Sony Ericsson is bigger then the ones they had on the plane. Upgrading their equipment is not going to happen any time soon.
  • The stewardess was very rude to an Indian gentlemen, and it was really getting on my nerves, he was very polite and asking to move he seat around to sit next to his wife and daughter, but she was acting like a complete bitch which really pissed me off. Again some of them were very indifferent to our requests.
  • I decided to sleep most of the plane ride to not waste any time being awake on this plane.
  • The landing was decent but the staff is lacking any level of customer service, the plane feels like its falling apart, and they are habitually late.
  • If you can, really do avoid flying Kuwait Airways.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Purgatory

    The business section is not bad.

  2. I dont remember that last time I was on board KA!
    I like the title (No soup for you)…. KA the air Nazis LOL

  3. punky

    Kuwait Shitways i mean Assways has a problem?

  4. Let me put it this way… our driver is going back home to Sri Lanka… he begged… BEGGED my dad not to book him a ticket on Kuwait Airways… he said if the ticket price is expensive… he’ll pay the extra money…. !!!

  5. jewaira

    Wasn’t there a move to privatize KA? Has it been privatized?
    I see things have not improved much.

  6. maryam

    I’m traveling this week insha’Allah and thank GOD not on KA, the stories I hear …

  7. “they might as well have opened a door”

    Wow.. that bad eh? :/

  8. mustafa

    looks like its improved since the last time i travelled
    on KA at least the stewardess replied to you :P

  9. Q80 In Denver

    7ekam el waled 7ekam :p he banned us from going on Kuwait Airways since 1999 ! ya emirates ya british airways :)

  10. Midhun

    they should keep in mind that they are doing a service which they get paid for…and its the passengers comfort which is paramount

  11. V-One

    I never traveled with KA but Emirates in economic section sucks a lot. I used it for Paris-Dubai-Paris, I was so pissed off.By the way Emirates is better than Air rance. Don’t complain too much, just take another company it’s the best way to be understood.

  12. purg: It just feels used and abused!

    Ansam: loool! yup!

    punky: Hahaha, seems so!

    Hamitaf La B: damn, he must hate it!

    jewaira: It has been proposed for over 10 years and still nothing!

    maryam: Don’t travel on KA!

    Laialy: It was an adventure!

    3baid: that bad!

    mustafa: hahaha! I agree!

    Q80 In Denver: I agree! But we were on a budget!

    Midhun: Doesn’t matter what you pay, its always bad service!

    V-One: We didn’t have a choice but I had to speak about the experience! I try to avoid KA at all costs! This time we all had a budget! hehehe!

  13. emirates airline is better than KA..cant they make it like emirates.

  14. ahbaoud

    I have flown Kuwait Airways around 15 times in the past six years. It has not been exactly a pleasant flight. The flight attendants are very rude, passengers are taken for granted. At the Kuwait airport, the security treats the passengers as lowly labourers. Forget about its offices oversees and their strange policies – have to attend at the counter 3 hours before the flight, otherwise your trip gets cancelled; this cancelled trip is not refundable. I was surprisingly informed by one of KA customer service representatives that they take only the first 110 passengers arriving at the counter whether they arrive all within 10 minutes or 3 hours, confirmed their booking or not. All representatives refused telling what time counter closes. Yes I am not happy traveling with KA, but unfortunately very limited choices are out there. I would say that people should stop traveling Kuwait Airways, so KA will improve customer service to get back its passengers. Hope it gets privatized soon or new market players get in.

  15. Kuwait Airways management is callous. They were cold and reckless. They did not care about people with children. I was traveling with nephews and we had just enough diaper for 2 days. When the diapers ran out the Kuwaiti Airport hotel management could not supply it. Their hotel staff were rude to us and the children. I make no distinction between Kuwaiti Airways and Airport Hotel management because they jointly inflicted the harm we suffered. We were stranded in Kuwait for 48 hours (apparently their flight broke down). That flight was barely filled with enough passengers. They promised us a flight next day, which also broke down. Most of us construed the perception that they intentionally cancelled two flights due to lack of enough passengers. Interesting enough, the flight scheduled after 48 hours was completely filled. I am going to drop a new kind of F-bomb on them. F (as in Forget) Kuwait Airways. Avoid it if you can.

    They did not inform us properly when we were getting the next flight. We were made to deposit the passport with them and could not go outside. How is this not ‘false imprisonment’? Unreasonably detaining people for longer time against their will.

    When we called Kuwait Airways management they told us to give them 20 minutes. When we call them back 30 miutes later, they still asked us to call us back in 20 minutes. At one time, they told us to meet them in hotel lobby in 15 minutes. Nobody was there in the lobby. They had us run in circles.

    They were a disservice to us.

  16. Destiny

    This will be the first time we will take KA, and I have already booked myself and my 3 year old son Manila-London-Manila. I know it’s late, i am surprised to learn all these from your comments.

    Please give some tips and advices as to which seats we should take (Economy class), and seats to avoid. Will they provide water on-board for my son’s milk, or do I have to bring enough water until we reach the stopover in Kuwait Airport?

    will greatly appreciate if u can send me information on how we could have a smooth trip. send via

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