Apple Support Conversation

I decided to call the Apple store in Marina since I was told they could probably fix the problem. It was an interesting conversation for sure.

Me “Hello is this the Apple Store in Marina”
Her : “Yes”
Me “Can I speak technical support?”
Her “What?”
Me “Can I talk to the fixing people”
Her “Call 224737”
Me “Just a question how long would it take to fix an iPod Touch”
Her “Warranty or no”
Me “Yes Warranty”
Her “3 – 5 Months”
Me “What?!?!?!?!?!?! Ok, never mind”

Then I call technical and they told me it takes 3 months for the Apple Warranty claim which is nuts, so I told them I would pay for the fix, but they don’t fix Apple iPod Touches in Kuwait, they fix them in Dubai. I said fine as long as I receive my iPod Touch in a timely manner, but 3 to 5 months is just ridiculous.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. where the hell did you buy it from? return it to them saying it’s faulty, would be faster to get a replacement from them that waiting all that time!

  2. Email the site you got it from and explain the problem (that ur overseas, etc). I heard that sometimes they send you a replacement without having to send them the other one because its not worth the hassle.

  3. Dude, it takes months to fix a broken screen, not flashing the memory. They have to inspect it before they can predict how much time it will take to fix.

  4. tech support in kuwait sucks.

    Tech support from a company which survives on yuppies who don’t know how to order online sucks even worse ……

  5. maryam

    That’s how they get you NOT to use the warranty, takes ages to fix it!! I agree with ananyah, just replace the whole thing.

  6. Well, I Called the same store last week to see how much does the new macbook pro 15″ the one with nvdia 256 I know that it costs from amazon to Kuwait + shipping around 650 KD.
    So, when I asked her how much is it she said 895 KD, and I was so is this your final price.
    She relied rudely, if you dont like the price then get it somewhere else.

    I dont know why the rude accent and whats wrong with the over price.

  7. I say you go to Dubai for another fun trip and break time and fix it there.. that would be faster hehehehe

    it is plain ridiculous! 3-5 months! What the hell!!

  8. moocherx

    Do you think Apple know or care how Middle East customers of its products are treated?

  9. Desmo

    Call Apple support in the US-i believe you have VOIP number- , they will ask to you click some buttons …do this and do that …blah blah blah just to make sure that its really dead then will send you a box that has a return label to ship the iPod to them.

    They will not repair they will just send you a new one, they might even send you one on the spot if you give them your credit card info as an insurance.

    It will take around a month using Aramex shop and ship service

  10. Dodo

    what with the rudeness of sales ppl!!!
    everyone is being rude! as if e7na ga3deen en6er menhom!
    dont they know that without us they wont achieve their targets?!
    uffff…. they’re driving me crazy walla!
    listen… order a new ipod a7sanlik! or ull wait for another 3-5 months hehehehe ;P

  11. seeing as none of the ones in kuwait are actually “apple stores” and are just resellers; I doubt that apple should care about how their middle eastern customers are treated.

    Store clerks are rude because they aren’t paid enough to be nice to you and their working environment feels more like a a russian gulag than anything else.

  12. INSANE!!!!!! I wonder what Apple US would say to these, you should send Steve Jobbs an email :p

  13. May I suggest giving those Hawali computer stores a visit? They seem to fix anything.

  14. zsafwan

    I had a problem with my iPhone screen after eight months usage. Sent it to a friend in New York, he took it to Apple store in 5th Ave. got a new replacement on the spot, shipped by Fedex round trip 6 days. I recommend you send it back to Apple for a replacement.

  15. Maaz

    I can help u.

  16. wow 3-5 months? I say dig a hole in the ground, put it in there and water it! see it if grows again! wtf.. :l

  17. aziz

    i’m getting similar problem with them regarding my macbook battery. they tried to sell me one of their batteries for 57 dinars after they told me how long it will take to fix.

    i’m going to file a complaint in 7emayat el mustahlik later today. if anyone else feels they’re trying to scam you too please file a complaint. the more complaints the better results enshallah.

  18. aziz

    just an update, i’ve filed a complaint at Apple Europe and Apple Dubai. Dubai’s manager offered to ship the battery immediately to me after DIGITS refused to do so and insisted on a three months waiting period!

    Those guys are running a scam. please be alert.

  19. Ananyah: From, I will be contacting them for sure!

    Enigma: I doubt they would do that.

    3baid: I agree, but that is just a ridiculous evaluation and fix time.

    vampire: lol

    KTDP: I agree!

    maryam: That is what I am doing now, I am contacting to see what they could do!

    G: I don’t get why they get rude when you ask a simple question, if they are expensive then move on and get it from somewhere else

    Ansam: I wish they could fix it in Dubai, but I doubt it.

    moocherx: that is the truth of the matter.

    Desmo: Damn that is a long time to wait!

    Dodo: Damn it seems that I might have to wait for a long time or I have to purchase one from here.

    Laialy: I wish I had his email, that would be great!

    Angelo: I doubt they would be able to fix it!

    zsafwan: That seems to be the case.

    Maaz: How so?

    N: I wonder what it would grow! lol

    aziz: It seems you got a reaction out of them, but these people don’t seem to get a concept of service!

  20. Maaz

    Did u try the itunes recovery.

    If not contact me on [email protected],I’ve got various ways of recovering bricked gadgets.

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