Review: HP 2133

I have been taking a look at the HP 2133 for some time now and it has been getting some mixed reviews. Some bad and some good, the Vista OS is the first problem that this machine faces.

The Machine:

  • Windows Vista Business 32-Bit
  • VIA C7-M Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) 1.6GHz Processor
  • 128KB L2 Cache, 800MHz Front Bus speed
  • 2048MB DDR2 (PC2-5300) RAM
  • 120GB (7200RPM) SATA Hard Drive

My Points:

  • The keyboard is very nice and feels like a small laptop.
  • The touch pad is a bit strange is the left and right click are to the sides and not the bottom which takes some getting used to.
  • The overall case feels very clean and well made, but it is pretty heavy for its size
  • The battery protrudes out the back which limits how much you can tilt the screen
  • The speakers are one of the best laptop speakers I have heard, they are better then both my Alienware and Dell which is surprising since they are bigger
  • The screen is comfortable and a good size
  • You have lots of options with this machine such as: Express Card, SD Card, Ethernet Port, VGA Port, 2 USB, headphones, and microphone
  • The biggest mistake was to preload Vista on this machine, HP wanted to push it to market and that is what caused mixed reviews. This machine would be perfectly fine running XP or Linux since it is well built with a lot of space. My friend is thinking of installing Ubuntu on this machine which I think is a great idea since its a very light OS in comparison. Its known that Vista is a resource hog so any heavy duty action feels difficult on this machine, it has nothing to do with being a VIA Chip or an Intel Chip.
  • The laptop lasts 4.5 hours with the low screen setting and 2.4 hours with the high screen setting. During the day I just have it with the low screen setting.

Do I like the machine? Yes
Is there room for improvement? Yes

It could be lighter, the OS should be XP Pro, and a few other imrpovements.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Its a REALLY REALLY nice looking laptop (with the smaller 3 cell battery which doesn’t protrude). If it had the Apple logo on it you could mistake it for a Mac which is how good it looks. I played around with one that had XP on it and it was pretty responsive but what I found disappointing with the HP is the weight, its a lot heavier than it looks.

  2. i’m currently using a lenovo x61 with the bigger battery (8cells) and the laptop lasts more than 6 hours,, i know i’m talking about a little different league here

    it came with winXP but i instantly formatted it and installed a very light winXP,, it’s day and night

  3. I might say, this is quite informative. Although, it is a bummer that Vista isn’t the best operating system with this machine cuz I kinda like Vista and always wanted to have a small and affordable laptop that operates it.

  4. So thats what you did with all the books we got at borders… ahaa ok

  5. So you’re loving it ha? Would you recommend it over another laptop or not?

  6. maryam

    I am biased to HPs … I like them based on experience using them … Two downsides, heavy and having Vista on them ;)

  7. q8y

    What about ASUS?

  8. There’s this tiny laptop yeshbahaah! Bs I forgot shesmah, I think, “Asus” or something like that! The same size as this one? Do you have a review on that one?

  9. Halicy

    am looking for a small laptop for traveling and chalet.. what do you recomend.. asus or HP? and whats the price in the local market for both?? thanks in advance buddy

  10. Mark: Thats the things, its so really nice and well made!

    vampire: I know what you mean, installing a light XP would make a huge difference!

    Zdistrict fan: Don’t think I can! hehehe

    Angelo: I think that its good with XP Pro by far!

    C&N: thats one book only!

    Jacqui: I would recommend over any other small laptop for sure!

    maryam: Forget the heavy, and get XP, worth it!

    q8y: Its really good as well!

    Harlow: Not really, I haven’t tried it completely. I keep hearing its an excellent laptop.

    Halicy: Its not available in the local market, but I do recommend the HP.

  11. rdc

    i just ordered one last week and it should be delivered in a few days. I’m hoping since it ships with Vista Business it come with the XP downgrade disk like my vaio did,

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