Italy’s Football Spirit

I’m keeping tabs on the Moto GP these days, but it seems that the Euro Cup 2008 is the main event around the globe. The one thing that I can appreciate for the Italians is their spirit and intentsity for the game. And for this event Valentino Rossi painted his motorcycle, helmet, and suit to match the Italian Football Team, and who can forget his supportive female members of the Yamaha Moto GP Team. I want that helmet!

Link: TopSpeed

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  1. Thats a really nice helmet! Love it! and very interesting supporting group!

    Viva l’Italia!

  2. her shoes look one size smaller than her feet, looks like her heels is hanging off the back

  3. you really anything anyone is looking at her shoes?

  4. momo

    DAAAMN, I like moto GP :D

  5. you don’t want that chick instead? :P

  6. Ansam: lol! :)

    Laialy: loooooooooooooool! Who cares!

    MrAziz: hahaha

    momo: So do I, very much!

    Jacqui: comes with the helmet!

    Maze: yes!

  7. vale46

    best helmet… but this ass is beter than everything :)

  8. dark man

    this is the baest ass

  9. amir

    I like to fuck her

  10. midgard

    the girls need a kick start i think =p

  11. rza ita

    the girl need a kick start

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