The Shopping Cart

I always tend to postpone purchasing anything from Amazon for a little while until I have a few items. I was looking for a small tripod for use when I’m taking pictures and from a lot of recommendations I’m going with the Gorilla Pod, and this one is meant for DSLR Cameras. Then there are the head phones and after looking around a bit I decided to with the newly updated Bose In-Ear Headphones are my new riding headphones. Fat is a really funny sarcastic book about 3 people trying to drop their weight, and Managing Humans is about how a good engineer doesn’t make a for a good manager, just people skills.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. My shopping cart is so full of things… Mostly karaokee CD’s… You just reminded me to make a Purchase

  2. “Fat” seems a hysterical satire with a fictitious autobiography style, just like the Merde books. Fun, I might give in and snag a copy for myself.

  3. Zaid


    I dunno if you already placed the order but I don’t recommend the Bose triport in-ear headphones. I tried them before and the sound quality was honestly subpar. I highly recommend the Shure e500’s or any other headphones from that brand. They’re quite more expensive but are worth every penny (or fils). They are more comfortable and they sound better than anything i’ve ever heard through.

  4. Outkasty



    LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA3333, thi3t thi3t ma3a liNew looQ! LOL.. lalala ana mo emwafQa, ridda 3al-Qadeeem, hatha yesabeblee araQ

  5. last week it was my first delivery from amazon UK. i’ve ordered Samsung SM2032MW LCD 20″ for my PC/PS3

    i was amazed how they deliver it in 5 days only! in perfect condition, way soo much faster than Amazon US.

    Cheers @ Royale Noir Theme ur using.
    Am using this theme forever in my pc ^-^“

  6. hey dude :)
    check my blog I think you would love the youtube video that I posted.
    BMW GINA :).

  7. IS-F Man (ALD)

    yup good choice on the Bose headphones, Quality

  8. Bose is not quality, Bose is good marketing.
    When it comes to in-ear phones Shure, Ultimate Ears and Etymotic Research are the best.

  9. Rashisha: loool! U do like Karaokee! hehe

    Angelo: you should!

    Zaid: The new ones are better then the old, read the reviews!

    Outkasty: hahahaha! You made me laugh!

    Un533N: The Royal Noir theme is just great, sometimes ordering from Amazon UK is better for logistics!

    Kodder: I saw it, its amazing!

    IS-F Man: yup

    Mark: For some reason the Shures just don’t work for me!

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