Voodoo’s Envy 133

I have always been a fan of high end PCs, and Voodoo sets a very high standard and with that comes a very high price. I wasn’t sure what HP wanted to do with Voodoo since they bought it, but it seems the track is clear, and the Voodoo Envy is the result of that collaboration. This is not meant a gamin PC but as a high end luxury business laptop, and it has more features then any other laptop I have seen of its size. It is developed and made by the Voodoo Business Unit which is trying to branch out with the non-gaming system.

  • You can boot up in VIOS (Voodoo Linux) or Vista depending on what you want to do.
  • Circular touch with Proximity Sensor, it switches off when you are using the keyboard. (To avoid cursor hop)
  • Ethernet connection is through the power adapter which also acts as your wireless accesspoint for the laptop if you disconnect the power plug
  • Ship with two USB ports, one which doubles as an eSATA jack, and an HDMI pot. Every Envy 133 ships with an external drive
  • Carbon Fiber Casing
  • 13.3 inch backlit LED screen
  • 3.45 hours of battery life
  • Wireless 802.11 ABGN + Bluetooth
  • Proessional Backlit Keyboard
  • Slightly thinner then MacBook Air 0.76 inches, the Envy is 0.70 inches

Price: $2100

Link: Gizmodo
Link: Voodoo

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  1. SO HOT that it begs for an orgasm from computer geeks!

    I hate to say this but it looks much cooler than your regular Mac. Marzouq, buy it or else.

  2. Angelo: I agree! No way I’m buying this! Its too nice for me! And then there is the budget! hahaha

  3. The envy line has been around before HP “acquired” VoodooPC.
    HP is not really doing anything special, the exact deal is not known. But from what Voodoo’s CEO did say, is that it was clear that HP would not change how Voodoo operates.

    I suppose Voodoo gains resources, cash, engineers, production capabilities. HP wont have to find a staff to chase up its gaming line, as Voodoo can simple take care of that for them.

    But hey, its not everyday you see a “positive” acquisition that ends in a “true” win-win-win deal (Acquirer-Acquired- End User respectively)

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