Harley Davidson & MV Agusta

Now this would be some interesting mix, it seems that Harley Davidson might buy a controlling share of MV Agusta and pumping some cash flow into them. As of recently I think that MV Agusta has been doing well and improving upon their line, and current owners wouldn’t mind having some cash on hand. Harley Davidson could use this type partnership to add to their arsenal of motorcycles, since Buell isn’t really that big compared to other brands of sports and touring motorcycles. I just have no idea what Harley is planning with this buy out and how exactly they want to benefit from it, I know one thing is that they can benefit from a little Italian ingenuity. As of right now this is just one very big rumor, but where there is smoke there is fire.

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  1. Desmo

    The rummer before that was that BMW might buy it…and the one before that was Tata motores -remember public school busses- and another Indianan company – don’t recall the name-

    Lets hope BMW buys it…the Americans will spoil the brand they did with the Ducati, but looking on the bright side it may become cheaper.

  2. Desmo: I hope they manage to improve a little more, they have great products they just need to develop them more!

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