Some Hardeez

Every once in a while I get the urge for junk food, and this was some real junk food. I just wanted a chili-dog and fries from Hardeez, I knew that there was a very high possibility of food poisoning and being incapacitated for at least a week, but I didn’t care. I went and picked up my order, went home to watch some anime while enjoy my hot dog and fries, and it was every piece as good as it looked. I’m just happy over the years they didn’t ruin this sandwich, no matter how bad it is for your system.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. bass bass yi3t min just looking at the damn pictures! eat the damn thing already :p oo 3awafi or something hehe

  2. Corolla Man (AE86)

    WOOOOOOOOW nice hot dog want to order one at work.

  3. Q80 In Denver

    I love hardeez madre laish :p I remember back in the day when they served a burger with an egg on top ! Ayam !!! :)
    3awafy :)

  4. rashisha


  5. Lo26aa

    Wallah Wallah Wallah .. once i found two cockroaches ( Ezheweyyah )in a hardeez meal .. so becareful :)

  6. Hardees wala yehezni! Last thing I ate there was a cookie about three years ago! 3alaik bel3afia anyway :-P

  7. You know… as much as I know that there is the risk of having mega-food poisening from their food… I can’t help but say… they have the best burgers and chicken burgers…
    wallah el BIG DELUXE… 3athaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab!!

    I had it last thursday for breakfast at 12.. :)

  8. Really? Do people usually get food poisoned from eating at Hardeez? I ate twice at Hardeez since I came back to Kuwait, and so far, everything tastes good. Maybe the location of the restaurant is the main culprit or something. I guess that’s the perk of living in new areas :)

  9. mustafa

    i am so jealous…..

  10. Purgatory

    That is no Machboos!

  11. *OUUUUMMMMM: the knorr crappy soup is very delicious*
    *OUUUUMMMMM: Junk food is baaad*
    *OUUUUMMMMM: the knorr crappy soup is very delicious*

    exhale ,,, think it over and realize

    *OUUUUMMMMM: I now know what dose of junk food i want*


  12. pankaj

    Where do you get the best tasting lahm machboos?

  13. maryam

    OMG I seriously don’t understand Hardees … I was super hungry standing in front of Hardess & couldn’t bring myself to order!! Changed direction & went to McDonald ;) lesser of two evils, make that 3, KFC can’t stand it either …

  14. DUDE … look at all the grease outside the baaaaaaaaaaag. Hello!!!!!

  15. bil 3afyah…that reminded me of pinks in LA…:P

  16. princess: loooool! Alah e3afeech!

    chika: it was!

    Corolla Man: loool!

    Q80 In Denver: Alah e3afeek!

    rashisha: order food!

    Lo26aa: I know its dirty but sometimes you just can’t help it!

    Ansam: alah e3afeech!

    Hamitaf: looool! Can’t help it!

    Ms. D: Yup!

    ananyah: loool!

    Angelo: That is one of the things you have to worry about!

    Jacqui: loool!

    mustafa: lol

    Purg: Of course!

    Q80-ChillGirl: loooooool!

    pankaj: no clue!

    maryam: loool, that is one of the things to deal with!

    Laialy: Don’t care!

    Maze: Not that good compared to other places in LA.

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