Review: Kung Fu Panda

Jack Black combined with Dreamworks pictures have produced one hell of a movie. I haven’t laugh this hard in a while, the animation is nothing short of fantastic. Everyone in the theater was laughing, after leaving the movie I don’t think there was anyone who wanted to try some Kung Fu. This is the perfect combination of a movie, amazing animation, very easy to watch, great comedy, and fantastic story line. The other interesting part is that Angelina Jolie and Jackie Chan are also this movie, its just filled with colorful characters. Everyone should go see this movie, you will be laughing and enjoying it.

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  1. mustafa

    thats probably the best movie i have watched in the whole of 2008

  2. it is that good !!

    last night i watched “don’t mess with the zohan” and it’s a must see movie!! it’s the best movie doe adam sandler imo

  3. maryam

    I can’t wait to watch this. I was supposed to watch it this Monday but NO seats!!!

  4. i want to watch this one…inshalla in the cinemas since it would not be cut a lot (hopefully) :P

  5. moocherx

    sounds good… hope to catch it next week

    p.s. Weeds season 4 just started. Episode 1 ready for download =)

  6. It was so funny! I took all the kids at my friends’ gathering last weekend to watch it… We all had such a great time and the place was packed with kids! I agree, the storyline was just perfect!

  7. Q8 In Denver

    A fun movie … NOT Laugh out loud funny in my opinion .. I don’t know I might be expecting more I guess.. Cool animation and great fight scenes! 7/10

  8. I still haven’t seen it yet but I’m pretty sure it’s hilarious. And just as you said, Angelina Jolie and Jackie Chan should make things a lot more interesting.

    Although, I’m kinda excited for Wall-E a tad more. It looks funny and albeit artistic.

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