In Search of Food

The other day I left work around 5:00pm and I was there around 6:30 am for a conference call, it was a full day. I left work hungry as hell, and I wanted to eat something that was satisfy my hunger and make sure I pass out in front of the TV. As my search began I thought of a Kabab Sandwich, so I thought to pass by Al Ghadeer which is close to home and I got there around 5:15 pm and the place closed. Then I thought to get some kabaab from Kabaab Al Hijah, which I haven’t had in sometime and drove to Bnaid Al Gaar. Got there around 5:30 pm since I was driving fast and they told me the Kabaabs won’t be ready until 6:20 pm to 6:30 pm, and I really couldn’t wait. So I ended up passing by Kabab-Ji at the end of the day, and I was damn hungry. I was a bit dissapointed, because both those two are better then Kabab-Ji, but at that point I would settle for anything.

  1. Al Ghadeer
  2. Kabaab Al Hijah
  3. Kabab-Ji

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  1. Hashem

    Dude your killing me !!!! every morning their has to be something related to food !!! 7aram 3alaik !!! shoooooooooooooooooooooomi !!!!

  2. This is TORTURE!! I’ve decided to stop visiting your blog :P

  3. you were “hungry as hell” but some how you managed to take the time and photograph your food!??!?!
    any hows! Best Kabab is BAHAR in 9pba7 el salem!
    take the one with rice and pray for me!

  4. OMG Marzouq! We will be having some Kababs for lunch and it should arrive anytime now.

    Yeah, I asked mom if we should order Kabab-Ji but she said their Kababs are terrible. We have ordered from a restaurant called “Al-9adef Al-Abya’9”. It should be good.

  5. looooooool :)
    when im super-hungry, i just go to the burger king drive through and order one of those big meals. theyre always open and fast! ;)

    ps: bl3afya :)

  6. rashisha

    Thats what i just had for lunch heheh

  7. Eddy

    lol..why always coke bottles..why not cans??

  8. Eddy… coke in a bottle taste better… I dont know how to explain it LOL, different experience ya3ni

    Marzouq, I never tried al ghadeer but you always talk about it.. 3ala yoom order and do a photo-shoot so we can get an idea (more than your old pic of al ghadeer.. like a close up of the kabab and so heehee):-P

  9. lfc-q8

    next time Z u should try ma7mood in showikh or burgan in bnaidelgar or badr el bedoor in bnaidelgar as well

  10. Zabo0o6a

    bel3afya , i’m not a big fan of kebab myself but at home mom’s always get some from Al-hashemi they have good sheesh tawooq as well which is my fave. ;)

  11. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL from the looks of the pictures its almost like your sandwich disappeared

  12. Either we are giants or the guys working in Kabab-ji are midgets, because all their meals are like snacks, one spoon of hummus, 6 potato sticks, 3 pieces of chicken tawook, half a piece of bread, and what seems to be part of the ass of a lemon, that’s their (meal). You’d feel like a cat eating leftovers from a garbage can.

  13. Q80 In Denver

    ok it’s 2:42 A.M in here and I’m freakin STARVING !!! I don’t know how, but I’m smelling (EL KABAB) from here :p even if its Kababji it’s still Kabab :p .. aaaaaaaaaaah Kabab Al7ejja! did you notice it has a flavor that none of the other Kabab places have? :) the best kabab in the world! :p

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