Ducati 1098/s Recall

A recalls are always an issue with any manufacturer, the problems are the ones that try to keep it on the down low. I found out about the recall just recently from the states, so I thought it would take a couple of weeks to trickle down to the MIddle East, but I was wrong. Within a few days I was contacted by the Tristar Garage, asking if they could take my bike for a recall procedure. Its about one major part which is the rear sprocket, and two other minor things. I am impressed they are taking care of it right away and honoring the recall. I have heard a recall on the Suzuki GSXR1000 but I know for a fact the Dealership in Kuwait did nothing about it, people just replaced the parts themselves.

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  1. MK

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  2. JoJo

    this Proof that it is important to buy reputable products,,,but most important is to buy from reputable dealerships. We sell batteries & for a Kd 15 unit we give One Year warranty,,,yesterday our house A/C compressor broke down & all of the major suppliers would not give warranty on a Kd 400 unit !! & some offered waqrranty only 6 months for extra money!!

  3. jewaira

    Now that’s responsible
    and creates loyal customers

  4. and some ppl say why triStar?! “
    that’s my answer to them

  5. Yeah it happens to most manufacturers, I had the clutch replaced on my Suzuki GP for free when the company recalled it.

  6. Desmo

    How can they not honor the recall ur running a blog, last time you posted about the K12R gear they called you the next day.

    It seams Jaafar is keeping an eye on ur blog….time to sell him some ad space ;-)

  7. Mike

    I ordered a 1099S Ducati one week ago; the dealer says that it is in transit from the factory; I asked him about the recall and he said that if it comes with a defective sprocket, the dealer would fix it before the delivery. I had thought that these things would be fixed before shipping the motorcycle. Any thoughts?

  8. The bikes are manufactured and stored so if your bike was form a lot that had the defective sprocket the dealer will replace it..but if your bike was fresh then u don’t need that.

  9. Mike

    2008 1098S went through two major recalls…the first one was the rear sprocket but some bikes came with the fix already from the factory as seen visibly because the safe sprockets looked a lot thicker…the second recall notice was received in late 2008 and it required some heat insulating plates over the voltmeter…there has not been any other recalls to my knowledge.

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