Mall of The Emirates Entrace

This the usual scene at Mall of the Emirates main entrance, two rows of cars parked and one lane left for cars to move in. There are a lot of nice customized cars, and they belong to certain people, you can tell by the license plates of these cars. It was also doesn’t help that its very humid in Dubai and they are saying it hasn’t even peaked yet with the humidity.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    Hehe When I stood at that very same entrance, I wondered how nice it would be to have a job as a valet parking attendant and drive all those cars – especially in such tight corners

  2. my fav part is the fountain with the lights and sounds, the one over looking the parking building side

    i dont know why but i fell in love with “festival” if i will go to the emirates mall next time i will go to ski :D and see the recommended mall called “up town” did u go to it?

  3. Nice cars…ever been to dubai :(

  4. Rich bastards … damn i wish i was from UAE

  5. suspic

    I want to make love to the SLR.

  6. This mclarain *spelling* is everywhere u go in dubai! i swear 3ade ashofha elsub7 in jumera ow bilel 3nd wafi!! yumma i think the owner is shaba7!

  7. I should take a few shots of our building’s basement parking… o_O

  8. girl

    did not like mall of the emirates

  9. tariq al-badwawi

    yeah dubai is the best!!



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