Harley Davidson Buys MV Agusta & Cagiva

After all these rumors Harley Davidson did it, they bought out MV Agusta for $110 Million and they got Cagiva with them as well. What I find out is that both companies are having financial issues so I wonder what they were thinking. If there is plan in mind I don’t clearly see it. It seem that MV Agusta will be getting an some new life into them but keeping the main people who make it what it is, I just hope they don’t lose that Italian touch.

Link: faster&faster

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  1. Italian brands are in the red…and the Americans are willing to invest even in our underwear’s….so say good buy to the 100% cotton -or silk if you wear silk ones ;-) –

  2. i am NOT a fan of harlys
    bs i love MV

    im not happy with this :(

  3. the chief designer will remain in his position

  4. Adrenaline,, actually Claudio Castiglioni (MV Agusta president) will be the chairman

  5. JoJo

    Other possible buyers were considering the purchase but they all coditioned it that Castglioni is not taged along since with his management lost Ducati firstto investor bankers then Lost Husqevarna to BMW & now MV Agusta.
    If Harley is in trouble & don’t see how MV can make money !

  6. Sam Walker

    If Harley’s corporate behaviour stays true to form they will not change much at MVA. They pretty much let Buell do its own thing. My guess is that HD will bankroll more MVA production and distribution and use it to be a gixxer fighter.

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