Review: Love Guru

Mike Myers plays the role of Guru Pitka living in Los Angeles after his years of training in India. He is world reknowned for his skills as a Guru, but his one rival is Deepak Chopra. Then enters Jessica Alba who is the owner of a Canadian Hockey team, and her star player is having personal issues and its affecting the game. Mike Myers has played this type of role since Austin Powers, he is entertaining with how corny things could be but this is just a little over the top. You will be laughing from this movie, its an American interpretation of an Indian movie, all that was left was to dance around a tree. It was just a little too corny for my tastes.

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  1. greyshorts

    that movie sucked ass

  2. lfc-q8

    i loved it i think its very funny

  3. Q8 In Denver

    we couldn’t sit through this more than half an hour! we sneaked into Get Smart again! If you want to suffer, go watch the love guru! on my list for the worst movies of the year


  4. Love Guru does an Austin Powers

    Isn’t this the sequel to “The Guru” *ing Jimmy Mistry ?
    The trouble with such movies is you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.
    The one I am desperate to watch coming holiday season is
    ” The Japanese Wife”. Should make for some decent viewing , I reckon, considering it is an Aparna Sen film; no less.

  5. Am watching it now, its watch worthy … i needed the laugh

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