More Deyaay

Who doesn’t like a good chicken dish, I do have to say that I do love muchboos deyaay. Coming back after work between 6 and 7 pm if its early and I consider this to be my lunch. As soon as I am full I start to feel a bit drowsy and pass out within 20 to 30 minutes, people might say that isn’t a good but it is probably one of the best naps I take during the day.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. meta tdizly! seriously? am waiting for ur reply, i neeed some of that.. =(

  2. Come on man..enough with the food.
    What r u trying to do…i ended up in Summer Qand resurant yestrday becuase of ur Mashboos post.

    I asked them to take the meat out of the Maraq and grill it a bit so it looks like the one u had, they had a good laugh but it was good

  3. yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….this is my favorite arabic food!

  4. DVLz

    *meta tdizly! seriously? am waiting for ur reply, i neeed some of that.. =(*

    I’ve never seen him replying that much on his blog, most of his replies are on other blogs, and if you need someone replying in here it’s going to be his friend K.

  5. yuuuuuuum, i love machboos diyai but I can’t stand bones!

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  7. 3ad 7adi 7adi yo3ana
    oo i just ordered past

    shloon akel pasta after seeing this!

  8. بالعافيه عليك ، وماكو احلى من هالاكلات ^^

  9. WooooooW…ShakLaaaaaa Mo bss 3ajeeeeeeB

    hatha il machbOos il a9leeeeY

    BiL 3afyaaaa!

  10. Dalalism

    Machbooskom yeshbah machboosna ….nothing competes whith that ela machboos laham with crystal hot sauce o achar yadety :P ,,,Bil 3aaaafya

  11. okra

    This is torture..
    I’m starving already :~(

  12. mocman

    zouq sold all his bikes, scrapped his “24” and “jack bauer” t-shirts and went to india to be a hermit….

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