Zain/MTC Roaming Blackout

For some reason I still refer to them as MTC, and I don’t think I will be changing that anytime soon. I have been out of Kuwait for the last few days. Saturday night for about 6 hours nobody in Kuwait could call my Kuwait mobile and I couldn’t call anyone it was really strange. I thought they disconnected my phone because I was roaming and my bill went sky high, but it was only for about 5 days by then, didn’t think it could be so high that they would disconnect it. Even without the blackout the roaming signal was pretty bad, it was really hard to get through sometimes.

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  1. were u in saudi?
    I wasnt roaming bes nefs el shay, saturday night, i “didnt exist” (actually wrong number, only when ppl dialed from kuwait)

  2. I kinda used to refer it as Zain but I guess the change of name didn’t do any significant changes to the service.

  3. John Chmielewski

    I feel your frustration with Zain. I have their E-Go service and it has not worked in Mahboula for the past 2 months. It is only in certain areas too so not everyone is affected. You called and complain and they do nothing. Internet in Kuwait is poor and so is service. I wish companies in Kuwait would start to treat their customers with more respect and give a better quality service.

  4. Yazeed: It was weird, happened to anyone outside of Kuwait!

    Angelo: Service change didn’t happen really!

    John: Its sad that they really don’t work on their service right away and the problem is that there is a lot of room for improvement!

  5. Zero

    John Chmielewski

    I live in kuwait city and i have the same problem with my zain e-go , from 1 month now , it seems that they are unable to cope with the service they provided including the amount of product they sold , i am a web developer i totally understand that the servers zain has to provide this service is insufficient for the current amount of users.

    Currently i am fighting with the e-go problem .

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