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I was in London for about 36 hours getting a few things done and coming back it was a bit hectic. I started off the day as soon as I landed trying to finish off the tasks at hand, and after finishing up the work I walked around London for a bit, I always enjoy walking around London on my free time and I had some.

I visited a few family members while I was there and while stopping at a few hotels during that visit I saw so many nice cars parked out front. And those cars had license plates from UAE and Qatar. I haven’t seen this many people from the Qatar and UAE in one area before, the Grovesnor House in London was like the middle of Abu Dhabi, and other areas were Qatar parking lots. Different years and different people go to different areas as their travel destinations. And this year France and London has become UAE and Qatar destinations.

Still it was very nice to walk around the city, it was warm weather one day and cool the next.  The second day was chilly and I only had t-shirts so that day I walked into the theater when it was really chilly. The one thing I always enjoy are those black cabs.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    Nice photos Marzouq :-)

    Good observations as well

  2. I’m deeply in love with CARS! aaakh 3al red lol

  3. Sin

    i’m pretty sure i saw the same 599 GTB, i also saw a blue SLR roadster with Qatar no. plates…

  4. ahhhhh the Pizzeria! I LOVE that place, and its NOT crowded!!!

  5. okra

    7alat landan ib ba9at-ha.. maybe it’s just me :P

  6. Laialy: Very nice!

    Jewaira: Thanks, you can’t help but see it!

    outkasty: looool!

    Sin: I don’t know if they have that many of them around at the same time!

    Khalid: They are expanding their properties their but its getting a bit ridiculous with the cars, they can just buy cars there!

    Ansam: lol!

    okra: I like it when its empty so I go at odd times!

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