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Found: The Ugliest House in Kuwait – “Villa Akbar”

A friend told me there is a very ugly house in Miseela, extremely ugly, and when I passed by I was shocked. I know different people have different tastes but there is no excuse for this atrocity of a house. I feel really bad for the neighbors, they have to live next to this eye sore day in and day out. Its horrid and just looking at it makes you feel nauseated, I can’t believe the amount of statues they have and what they have painted to the outer wall.

I think someone would be doing the world a favor if it was demolished. I can’t believe somebody really paid to have this built, and they named it Villa Akbar.


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    I think I built a house similar to this on My Sims on the Wii for one of the Geeky Emo characters.

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    thoooq 3ayam ( Kuwaiti Persians taste ).. what do u expect ! :p

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    Wow. The nouveau riche. From Bedouin to millionaire. We have a lot of those people here too. KITSCH.

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    you should see who lives (will live) there!!!!

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    it is scary…

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    Ummm isnt it 7aram to have human statues around? Where’s the damn ‘islamic’ police who are too busy focusing on segregation when this truly hideous thing exists…

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    Looks like u stopped by went in and took some pics Marzouk :D More than the color I hate the statues and lion pic on the wall!

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    looks weird, you should see the other coloured houses

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    Looks like part of Bollywood Disney

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    “Thooq 3ayam”??? How appropriate is that comment?
    I’m “kuwaiti persian” 3ala gooltich and I think its a fugly house…what does that make me? A 3eemi anomoly?

    Mala da3i hal kalam because it shows your true nature (which is what is destroying this country to begin with).
    I’ve seen some taste disasters from “Kuwaiti Saudis”, “Kuwaiti Iraqis” and the whole spectrum of kuwaitis as per your breakdown…

    Lets just agree that its a freakin nasty house… Kapish?

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    Hey…. DATS MY HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Truely an incredible piece of shitty masterpiece… Whose the architect for this.. :)))

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    the owner of that house is a major mhaay6chy

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    and the white things on top look like tumors jeez

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    I have actually seen it for real once from the outside *THANK GOD*


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    Thanks God = I did not see the inside of the house :-P

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    FJ Bruiser Says:
    August 20th 2008 at 2:26 PM

    Now i know why the value of properties in Miseela dropped!!! There is ugly and there is F#@King ugly but DAMN!! That house is so ugly even a burgler wont go near it!

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    If you think this is bad… You should see it at night with all the lights! It looks like a church/brothel lol. My best friend has to see this every morning, poor thing lol!

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    mentabolism Says:
    August 20th 2008 at 3:28 PM

    probably trying to recreate something they saw somewhere…absolutely kitschy

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    Few windows, lots of bathrooms, kitchy art. Could be a brothel, I suppose.

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    OMG thats just nastyyy … well enaas athwaaq what can we say

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    I don’t think it’s ugly. It’s just really really odd and looks incomplete :/

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    LOOOL!! ana weddi bas ili mu 3ajebhum kil wa7ed yi7i6 9ourat bait’hum alah yi5aleekom bas!! this is “ugly” ou “puke”??:P ako a7ad feekom yifhaam bil byout a9lan? looool jad mawatooni thi7ik! 9ij ili may6ool il 3anaab yigool 3annah 7amith! tikfaaa TIKFA kil wa7ed yi7i6 9ourat bait’hum ou believe me we WILL find the ugliest house in the freakin middle east! awal marra ashouf hal bait bas y3ne KILIIIISH mafeeh shay! ou sorry to disappoint you! IM NOT 3EEMI! wala ebdewe! bas jad isha3b KILA hypocrites bil q8! KILHUM!!

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    Oh my God :/

    Laiiish chethi ya rabiii… Wayed wayed ashya’a!

    If (and that’s a huuuge IF) they remove all the statues, all the pillars, all the pictures on the walls, maybe change the bricks and tone down the fence around the house, then maybe (again, Huuuuuge MAYBE) it’ll look almost decent..

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    shitty house!

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    its not that Bad , every piece in that house looks ultra expensive imported Italian .

    But if that was my house , i would get my self some depression pills within months of living there !

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    Most Overdone is more like it. But ugliest? Not unless it’s Pepto Bismol pink

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    That house is amazing. I want to conceive my children in that house.

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    eee gi6ee3aaa !!!! 6alait 3ala el poool wara:P ?!! ana ma gidar ashofa my brother galy its 3ala the shape of a heart;p

    aslan 6afek el proces… tara bidal the bony poles kanaw gold!!!!

    bait yady warahom .. kil manroo7 inshof the updates… MOOOBBBDDDIII33333 EL RAYAL! w ba3dain gam w risam li6waf? AYABAAAAAAAA:P

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    I agree with M code, very goth style. Yeah too many statues.. it is artistic, but too artistic for a house.. really, its just too much..

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    Dum Dum Where is My Gum Gum Says:
    August 21st 2008 at 9:08 AM

    The white poles on top give a sudden shift of movement while diesel pushes its way out of their ends. The house rumbles, horses neigh, lions growl and lights flash. The house hovers off the ground and shoots up in the air.

    to infinity and beyoooond!

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    It looks to me in the last two photos like they are putting an outdoor elevator in the house – it isn’t finished yet?

    It’s a funny thing about taste – what is “tasteful” in one culture/family/country is inappropriate/garish/tasteless in another.

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    well its taste.people with different tastes some need guidance other need to be chopped..have awild guess to where am drifting? thanks

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    Its nice!

    very unique never saw something like this in Kuwait.
    they got money 3alehom bel 3afya :P

    I liked the pictures on the walls. wht a crazy sweety design :P

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    two words ……

    Beverly Hillbilly’s (yes, Hillbilly is one word …..)

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    Q8 In Denver Says:
    August 21st 2008 at 1:47 PM

    The problem is not with money at all .. it’s with the frickin TASTE! alot of people got the money to build castles and still they have an incredibly BAD taste and vice versa .. Wala maskeen Kesar ’7a6ree :p

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    f7ee7eely Says:
    August 21st 2008 at 3:31 PM


    kil lekuwaityeen hypocrites? eshfeech 3asa ma shar? y3ny ahalech hypocrites ummech oo obooch oo ekhwanech ?

    people have the right to say what they think its a free country after all but you my friend dont have the right to deprive people of their right….

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    A note to people… your name appears above the comment you wrote… hence Masoud blamed the wrong person and so did f7ee7eely…

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    Talk about overkill, to each his own.

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    floos.hom o kaifhom .. bs I bet all the statues r expensive .

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    mar8adoosh Says:
    August 22nd 2008 at 5:54 AM

    waaai3 ;/

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    is it just me or are ppls names+their comments getting mixed up?

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    is it just me or are ppls names+comments getting mixed up??

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    doesn’t surprise me …. too much money and don’t know what to do with it

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    What an interesting looking house! I don’t understand what the white pillars are at the very top but overall it is a playful concept.

    I am interested in the painting of figures in white robes under the two lions and the two horses.

    It is highly unusual to have houses in Kuwait with such blatant display of what many call A9nam or pagan idols.

    I most admire the owner’s disregard for mainstream thinking.

    It looks like the house is not completely finished so perhaps – instead of criticism – the owner could use some positive suggestions from everyone to improve upon any blunders ;)

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    client and architect should be shot…
    well, if you live in it at least you dont have to look at it.

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    i think the house in yarmouk on the corner opposite mcdonald’s is fuglier that this horror house mess

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    i drove by this house a couple of times .. and all i said was dear god! i’d love to meet the owners and see what they are like! It should be interesting to find out!

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    The owner saw the louvre and got jelous….

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    ppl in GCC should understand that “less is more”

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    I just want to comment on the person who said “floos-hom o kaifhom” .. well yeah, but no!

    Eye pollution hun.. Eye pollution..

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    Hi Marzouq

    I just saw the pics of the horribly designed house. Its grotesque to say the least! Well I was thinking, I have been looking to feature a Kuwaiti house (a tastefully done up one, needless to say) in my blog. Could you put me on to someone who has a nice house? I would prefer it to be a traditional looking one, with a courtyard, et al.

    I know Kuwaitis value their privacy, so I will totally understand if you refuse. But please, please, if you can help me, do help me. The world and the Internet is starved of what Arabic interiors look like. I spent a few months in Kuwait, and I know that the world needs to get educated on this.

    Many thanks,
    Look forward to your reply

    Sharon Colaco

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    i think this house is preety cool i would love to live there i dont know why people think its ugly

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    Looks like a Roman Whore House.

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    Mishref Mo Fos Says:
    October 21st 2008 at 7:42 PM


    Erm… We`ve seen a lot of houses and this one takes the biscuit.
    Even at a 75 mph is still FREAKIN` UGLY!
    Bet it`s the top attraction in Kuwait.


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    پول اضافی داری بده به ما که ما هم خانه دار بشیم

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    wow زیبا بود کاش مال من بود

  58. avatar comment-top

    عالی بود

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    3ala ma athin eley sema3tah enah the house is for 2 gay ppl ! i dont know if that true ! bs i went inside once ! there were a pool 3ala Heart :S than i believed that ashkara they r gay ;s

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    Mahmoud Marafie Says:
    June 8th 2009 at 12:12 AM

    This was our house, before it was like this, it used to be a normal big house, 3abbas Akbar bought it from us for his gay son, so u can say this is a gay persons house :P

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    jewaira Says:
    June 8th 2009 at 7:56 AM

    Who lives in that house is irrelevant. Making such narrow-minded remarks makes you all seem shallow.

    since this post has attracted so much international interest, you should also post about houses you find beautiful in Kuwait (again, irrelevant who lives there)

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    bo-3l 3bad Says:
    June 11th 2009 at 1:16 AM

    WEI3 !!!
    WEI3 !!!
    WEI3 !!!
    when is see this house it makes me wanna……. +o( PUKE !!!

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    lmao this looks like a freakkin masonry shrine in kuwait

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    والله هاي حرشه بالناس مثل واحد شايل لحيته والثاني تعبان يااخي سكر عيونك حول نظرك بالاتجاه الاخر من تمر من يم البيت يعني هلكد مو متحملين الوضع ولا تنسون الناس اذواق واني اشك ان هذا البيت اقبح بيت في الكويت

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    There is something behind this house…go and look down at the garden ta7at fe basement and theres a painting of a man with a bisht..
    Hal bet wayd y5ar3 ana maret shfta like 4 times these last 2 weeks lol im addicted i sit there for like 5 mins just staring!
    It’s like aa spooky museum!!
    Wayd wayd wayd y5ar3 il9ara7a..
    Too much money i guess?
    plz interview the owner..chenna haunted o tawa yded !!

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    fatgirlsRhard2kidnap Says:
    November 19th 2009 at 8:36 PM


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    Mahmoud Marafie Says:
    November 21st 2009 at 12:43 AM

    Lol this house is really the Ugliest house in kuwait, i cant believe that my father bought it to that guy. lil2asaf ily 9ar 9ar u shouldve seen it before this transformation, il muskila its in between the Marafie Compound 5arab sem3atna. Allah yel3ana inshallah

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    this house is probably hunted, ghosts like these kind of houses ..
    and am positive that it would look freakishly scary in the night with no lights on ..

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    This house takes the overall bad taste of the Kuwaiti house owners to its climax, in other words, it is no different from ANY other Kuwaiti house but it just takes it to the extreme.

  70. avatar
    mahmoud marafie Says:
    January 5th 2010 at 10:44 PM

    naaah its no hunted i lived there for more than a decade. It is different compared to other kuwaiti houses, you should’ve of seen it before it became transformed into this

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    Ya it really looks like these hunted houses in scary movies.. Simplicity is the Best :P

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    LOOOL!!! ROFL!
    8a6ee3a this house is so fugly! What’s with the columns on the roof, ya rab?! Columns are structural devices, meant to support buildings’ ceilings. What the hell was the point of putting them on the roof?!
    It’s such a mishmash of styles. It’s like he found all the things considered beautiful or prestigious in the world and put them all on one house. It’s like the definition of pretentious and showing off. The best part is that it looks like shit!
    Honestly I feel bad for anybody who finds this house appealing, or who has to see it or has to live in it ;P

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    Mahmoud marafie Says:
    January 7th 2010 at 2:39 AM

    7amdellah 6ela3t min il bait gubla it turns chethee :P

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    Hey ppl .. stop it !! dont be that shallow !!

    u should respect ppl’s taste .. !! oo el naas athwaaq .. !!

    i agree ena el bait over done.. bs hatha mo me3nata et’haz2oon el 3alam !! .. baitaa oo kaifaa ohwa 7or esawwly elly yaby .. :)

    astaghfer allah bss .. !!

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    i am unconditionally madlly inlove with this house :) thannks for the pictures ! =D

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    Am I the only one who kinda likes it…? I like the statues and stuff…

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    Echo Delica Says:
    September 15th 2010 at 9:11 AM

    Ya’ll guys i think its an amazing villa i’m totally in love with it.
    its amazing wallah.

  78. avatar
    Echo Delica Says:
    September 15th 2010 at 1:01 PM

    ” ely may6ool el3anab, ygol 3na 7aami’9 ”


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    I think its a very unique looking house, one f its kind n if given the opportunity i wud definitely live in it….everybody has difrnt tastes thts wat makes the world so interesting.
    i wudnt mind seeing wat it looks like inside

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    This is house of Ahmad Akbar (Madonna Akbar) he is SHEMALE.

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    Bashi Delica Says:
    March 31st 2011 at 12:47 AM

    Those are really old pictures .. I think the house is amazing ..
    I so wanna live in it T_T status and drawing and sculptures are
    Ravishing ! I keep wondering if the house is that beautiful from the outside
    Then what’s it like from the inside !

    “Opinions are like butts everybody gottem !” the point is ..that you are allowed
    To express your opinions but thrs a difference between expressing ur opinion and shoving your opinion
    Down someone’s throat .. That dude is hella rich .
    His money + his property . So why are you guys hating on it ..
    Oh well the ” majority” of kuwaitis like the same style .. Same designs , same everything same cars
    Same clothes ! Same style and if you don’t follow under those they are willing to put you under the spot light
    And stare at you as if you’re naked .. -.-” ever thought the owner might be a great loving person ?
    And he has a good ass reason behind the designs and sculptures
    Around his house ? .. Its unique enough to bring your attention to read the whole post, google it and go see it usrselves .
    I think the house looks beautiful . Its already considered special among the rest since it already stands among the rest :D and if this in ( in your opinion ) the ugliest house in kuwait ? based on what ? What research? What survey ?
    Take a look at ur house first .. Stop judging to you guys this is a weird uss ugly house .. Did you ever think that to him its just simply (HOME) .. Let him be .
    *sigh* the way ppl think and react .. Still amazes me . T.c ya’all god bless

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    Could this be Michael Jackson’s weekend Kuwait getaway?

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    I guess the owner of this fabulous house was very artistc which is i love it! This house full of art and more antics uh! really expensive.

  84. avatar comment-top

    I don’t find it ugly at all….I think it’s very unique and different.

  85. avatar comment-top

    They say that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” what’s beautiful to some, it’s ugly to others….

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    [...] houses in our neck of the woods are pretty standard. Unlike one community, that’s home to the “Villa Akbar” Kuwait estate, which looks like a gothic-style [...]

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    Umm… I think its cool. Obviously they’ve got money, whatever. Anything different from the box cutter houses I see everyday is an improvement. It’s a surprise to see how astoundingly opinionated you all are.

  88. avatar comment-top

    [...] also bought up Z Districts post about the house back in 2008. To me, the house basically looks weird, maybe a halloween project gone wrong. [...]

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    Gotta get yerself some Marble Columns!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    it is pretty nice house. I dont really think it is the ugliest house in kuwait
    pluse the guy who will own this house is
    kind of rich because look how big the house
    is. But the only coment I am going to
    add is that if the guy was moslim my advise
    would be dont put the statues thier because
    it is 7ram


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