Review: Voice of the Gods (Age of the Five) – Trudi Canavan

I have been a fan of Trudi Canavan for some time now, and this trilogy (Age of the Five) is one I was looking forward to. I flew through the first and second books, and now the third iteration of this trilogy. Its a real disappoint when you finish a good book and still want more. Northern and Southern Athania are going to go to battle for the last time, and the book ends on a very high note. There is a build up to all that is going on and Auraya seems to be in the middle of it all. A book that leaves you satisfied and wanting more, I recommend this book and the trilogy to any scifi fan.

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  1. Q80-ChillGirl: You have to start off with the first book of the trilogy, but if you like scifi then you will like this!

  2. I found this setting somewhat disappointing because I suspected what was going on fairly early on in the story and had my suspicions confirmed. However, the ending still had a nice bit of a twist to it, so it wasn’t all hunky dory. Trudi’s writing and world-building, however, is as always, stunning.

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