Review: House of Saddam

A series that was collaborated by HBO and BBC, a 4 episode series made to reenact the life and death of Saddam. I heard about the show from a few people so I decided to watch it. This show brought out old feelings of hatred that I remembered when I was a kid, I knew what was going on at the time during the Gulf War but it was frustrating that you are young and can’t do anything to help. The show isn’t 100% accurate and when they were showing Kuwait it was very lacking but still overall  this is show must be watched. I had this feeling of not being able to watch it because of the anger that was swelling up inside as well as happy I’m watching it, Saddam was their leader and he was insane, and at that time I don’t know how afraid I would have been to stand in front of him in his prime and many thought that way, he was a monster. A different show worth watching, don’t want to say anymore just in case I might spoil it.

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  1. mar8adoosh

    I hate to see stuff about the war cuz I think about what my family went through bas I think I should see this.

  2. والله موجود ع الله يا خوك بس ماكو وقت ، بس الظاهر يبيلنا طلعه عليه بالقريب العاجل
    خصوصا انك مدحته لنا .. تمام

  3. I hate saddam … he’s so evil! and people still praise him!! madree laish?? I hope he gets what he deserves!

  4. now that I’ve cooled off a little I can say … I felt so angry too as I watched the episodes. It was painful remembering the sufferings of our families, as well as kuwaiti and Iraqi people because of this nut case. I’ve watched the first 3 episodes of it and I really liked it to be longer than that. I hope he burns in hell

  5. mar8adoosh: I can understand what you mean, well it is a good show.

    The Talker: Inshalla ya3jibik!

    pearls: He is dead now, I’m happy you liked the show and I do agree with what you said, I hope he is burning in hell that bastard! It really pisses me off! I know the anger you felt!

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