Bleach Marathon

I have always enjoyed watching Bleach but it drives me made that I only have one episode to watch at a time. So for the past few months I have been watching other animes as I had more then enough to keep me occupied with. Now for the past week and a half it has been a non-stop episode after episode, basically whenever I have five minutes I would watch an episode. The best part is the story has been non-stop and very little filler, can’t get enough of it but now since I’m caught up to the last episode I’m stuck again. Just going to have to wait.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jitaroo

    actually now the amagai chapter is a filler, its not in the manga

  2. مو هذا اللي قاهرني حاليا في بليتش ، الفلر المتروس بدى يلوع جبدي
    حتى الحين صارلي فترة ما قمت اشوفه !!
    انا ناوي أكمله بالمانجا .. بس معطيه فجه شوي عشان أقراهم مره وحده

  3. The writer’s strike ruined it this year but that’s actually one of my strategies for watching certain shows like Nip/Tuck. Incidentally, I haven’t seen any of “Bleach” yet although I’ve been hearing great things about it for ages. Is it worth downloading and all that waiting for the download to finish o qi9a o salfa or should I just get the boxed set?

  4. I’m watchin episode by episode, and actually fast forward through a few parts, it just seems so pointless sometimes. I love the show though!

  5. Asinine

    I have a feeling Bleach will become another neverending DBZ, but for girls!

    I wish I could quit you, Ichigo!

  6. jitaroo: Interesting! But I think its pretty good!

    The Talker: I think its good, don’t know why you don’t like it any more!

    DnG: It is really worth downloading! Forget the box set! Download right away!!!

    N: I love it too! I don’t find it pointless, I enjoy how Ichigo is!

    Asinine: looool!

  7. Andrew

    I love bleach more than My whole family

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