KTM Venom

Now this is an interesting development, it seems that the Austrians are keeping their pace. Since their successful release of the KTM RC8 they announced the production of the KTM Venom which is more of street fighter then a super sport. The exact specs of the machine are unknown but they are speculating that it will have the same 1149cc engine of the RC8 but retuned for more mid-range and low-end power. I hope they make it like that but the headlight just isn’t to my liking, everything else is perfect.

Link: TopSpeed

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  1. This one cool bike, it was the retro bikes trend this year but it looks like the Hyperfighters are gona take over in 2009 which is a nice combination of the super ones and the modern retro.

    I would go for one.

  2. Adrenaline: The Street fighters are pretty cool these days and really enjoyable!

    vampire: The new 1100 seems to be making some waves, can’t wait to see it!

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