Gamestop Rant

This guy is a former employee of Gamestop and he goes off on their shady tactics to sell to customers. Its really a good insight into what they do to make money and why shouldn’t be buying from them.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. BZ

    He was talking 200mph and my brain’s processing speed was 11mph… I’ll give it one more shot after futooor..

  2. hohoo

    lool at BZ, yeah i don’t understand anything :)

  3. I had a friend who could speak faster than this guy, oh and i have a post that might be of interest to you at my blog..check it out.

  4. lol! The scary thing is that I actually understood it :p


  5. Ja

    Very bad attempt plagiarizing Zero Punctuation which is infinitely better. At least the guy could have came up with his own animations. Plus his voice sucks and is hardly understandable, more like mumbling.

  6. don’t forget Game Station … bunch of bums

  7. BZ: requires some listening! lol

    hohoo: hahaha!

    Laialy: What a business!

    Adrenaline: :)

    Laziale: hahaha

    Bow n Arrow: If your into gaming you do, and I have been in that situation so I know!

    Ja: I think he might have just wanted to get the msg across using youtube, not really just copying!

    Sabeur: Very true!

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