Ferrari California Official Pics

This piece of art will be coming out on towards the summer of 2009, there is a huge waiting list even though there is no deposit for it yet. It is the first Ferrari hard top convertable and with 454 bhp this is going to be one very fun machine. From these real life pictures I think its going to be selling like hot cakes. 

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Looks like a genetically modified car..i can’t see the Ferrari character

    the front looks like a Corvette, the back looks like a Ford Focus, the side is a cut and paste from a Corvette and BMW 850.

    I don’t like it, but i’ll take it if you give it to me.

  2. oh ur so sweet – yeah my birthday is in July so an early summer delivery would be just great.

    PS. I linked u up

  3. hi

    i love ferraris but this car looks like a corvette on the side

  4. MADonps

    And like a Porsche from the front…

  5. Sin

    i don’t know if i’d ever say this again, but i like it with the top on..

  6. Q80 In Denver

    Meh .. this is the lousiest car coming from Ferrari yet! I hate how it looks!

  7. looks like a cross between the new Maserati, Boxter, and Mercedes SLR. But I like it. :)

  8. to me it looks amazing and has nothing to do with other cars!!! the only thing that’s bad about it that it doesn’t have the ferrari soul

    love the back end

  9. girl


  10. IS-F Man (ALD)

    terrible.. almost uglier than the 360

  11. Adrenaline: lol! It seems its having a lot of mixed feelings!

    3aneeda: loool! Thats funny!

    hi: Really? I think its just flowy!

    MADonps: lol!

    Laziale: me too!

    Sin: Really? i like it top down!

    Q80 In Denver: really? I thought its cool!

    Bow n Arrow: Cool!

    vampire: I like the backend as well!

    girl: lol

    ISF: really? I think its cool!

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