Tooth Abscess

Well the situation turned out to be a little worse then I expected. The infection reached pretty far and I have been taking strong dosages of the antibiotics, under Doc’s supervision of course, and the infection has gone back to the main area but damn this thing is persistent.

Now its the turn of the dentist to take a suction hose to my jaw and take it all out. What drove me nuts was the air pressure on the plane on the ride back, even when taking the pain killers it helps but only for so long. I have to say this pain killer is strong but it also causes nausea. Now that I have been on a 5 day course of antibiotics I do hope they can do something about it right away, and I don’t care what they have to do but I want to clean out the problem.

The original problem was due to a botched up route canal that was done in Kuwait years ago and this is the result of out it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. alf 7amdila 3ala il salamah – i hope everything works out well. nothing is more annoying that teeth problems.

  2. hey,, i’ll make an appointment for u with my dentist,, he’s the best in town,, HE IS THE BEST!!! once u sit on his chair,, all u want is that he moves away from the tv in front of u, u will not feel anything, except the sore of a long time opened mouth,, i highly recommend him

    he fixed my root canal in 3 sessions within a week

    i know exactly how u feel

  3. Loca in Kuwait

    sorry your having such a hard time M, Vampire what is the dentist please.

  4. Ouch.. mashoof shar inshallah.
    Hope you feel better soon. :)

    I’m gonna have to visit the dentist soon. This is kind of freaking me out :S

  5. al-fozan clinic in al-mohallab shopping mall,, Dr.Albert

  6. jewaira

    Salamat dear Marzouq. So sorry you had to go through the pain

  7. Allah e3eeenik … inshalla you get it fixed soon and I hope the pain goes away

  8. my aunt is going thru the same thing and shes in so much pain
    7dha kasra kha6re

    allah y3eenik wallah

  9. 3anooda: Thank you very much! I agree! Its really annoying!

    vampire: It really sucks!

    Loca in Kuwait: Hopefully it will be solved soon!

    Bow n Arrow: Shar ma eyeek! It doesn’t happen too often!

    jewaira: Alah esalmich! :) I’m sorry too!

    Laialy: Inshalla, I want it all to go away!

    eshda3wa: mashkoora, I hope the pain stops soon!

  10. chris

    Hi people,

    I hate dentists so i dont wanna go unless its a abses.

    Anywho i have a spot on the gum of my tooth that i had problems with last summer.

    At the end of every week it feels a bit painfull so i pop it and puss comes out and it comes back again within a week.

    Had this now for like 7 weeks, Do you think its just an ulcer.

    Please reply, thankyou

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