The Club Sandwich

The only benefit to being on meds for the past two weeks was eating, I know I will have to make it up later. The main thing I was having in the morning and previously at night was this amazing Club Sandwich. There was a small salad that came with it and chips, not fries but chips. And then there was the fresh strawberry milkshake that was the perfect blend of ice-cream and fresh strawberries. 

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Doll


  2. *gasp*
    Ya fa6ir! :p

    3alaik ib alf 3afya… I hope you’re feeling better ;)

  3. is it me or does the sandwich in the last pic looks like a frog with two long green eyes and a red tongue….

  4. zahed


  5. Aliman

    Looks like your enjoying that club infront of the port of MC, well enjoy your time and the view oh and the club!

  6. girl

    I’m a big club sandwich eater, , bil3afiah looks soooo yummy

  7. i visited your blog in the wrong time of the wrong day of the year

  8. Why now when hunger is killing me?!

    all i can say: that looks like a REAL club sandwich. 3lik bl3afiah

  9. jewaira

    The sandwich looks scrumptious.

    I would have thought it would not be the best thing to eat though with a root canal abscess. I hope you’re feeling better

  10. Loca in Kuwait

    Hunger is making me delirious…that sandwich loooks soooo good please have one for me with a milkshake!

  11. saud

    where can i get this club sandwich ?

  12. allah yisam7ik
    bajy an hour and a half 3al fu6oor

  13. fLuff

    are u in Monaco? Can it be Fed-Exed?

  14. girl

    You eat waid fatty food, intah dabdooob!?
    bil3afiah ;)

  15. lfc-q8

    where is kuwaits best club sandwich?

  16. We need a new post for kuwait best club sandwiches , Mark should do it !

  17. chanek na7ees oo ur rubbing it in everyones faces??? LOOOOOOL

  18. Someone

    That shot of the sandwich looks like it was taken at either the Hermitage Hotel in Monaco, or somewhere really close by. Nice view overlooking the yacht harbor! Lucky!!!

    I wish I was on antibiotics! LOL

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