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Its finally cooling off to the point where you can ride without feeling your being cooked alive every time you stop at a traffic light. We woke up around 5:30 am getting ready to ride, and met up at 6:45 am at the Starbucks in Bida’a, its the only place open at that time. I filled up gas at the Miseela gas station and saw some Harley’s meeting up. It wasn’t as cool as I thought it would be, and it was a little humid but still much better

We decided to stay in the city instead of going to Julai’a since we had a few things to do early in the afternoon. Riding down the Gulf Road that early in the day is perfect, it was nearly empty and we were enjoying ourselves. You could see other bikers on the road enjoying the nice weather. Monichum and I were enjoying the empty streets. We were flying when we could and also enjoying the weather. The music from my iPod Nano was perfect for my riding, I could hear the music and outside sound to a degree. Can’t wait to completely break-in the KTM, it is one hell of machine and you really don’t know the limitations of this machine. And the last stop was some chilli chees fries at Johnny Rockets!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Nabil Magsi

    hats off to you for keeping the *Bike* Charm alive! (Y)

  2. any chance to ride in the evening?!
    bikes looks amazing,, love the tinted wind screen on the RC8 but the PICs missing a blue monster (^_^)

  3. fellow

    i like the yellow bike more than the orange one

  4. wa7sh il ba7ar

    who won the race ducati or ur KTM

  5. not boycotting starbucks?

  6. Man that KTM is literally sex on wheels! Allah ya36ek 5aira o yakfeek sharra.

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