New iPods Charging Issues Solved by Scosche Passport

I use my iPod whenever I am driving or riding, I usually I charge it before I ride. But when I’m in the car I use my iPod, I started using the iPod Nano in both cars. It can’t store all my music but 16 GB is a hell of a lot. One thing that I noticed right away is that it doesn’t charge, and my cousin has an iPod Touch 2G and that doesn’t charge as well on either iPod integration systems which is very odd. I thought at first it was a problem with my deck, but then it couldn’t be the same in another car. Now Scosche has come out with a solution that will let these iPods get charged like the older versions, I think it is a great solution and for a low price.

Price: $30

Link: Gizmodo

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  1. same thing with my 3g iphone, i thought my charger was busted!

    thnx 4 sharing

  2. jitaroo

    this must be some device, if it can change a firewire cable to a usb one. The problem is that the cheap bastards at apple changed the system of charging in the new ipods, basicly dropping firewire support completley, and not allowing you to even charge from firewire. Most accesories used to use firewire to charge, and you might have not noticed because all you had was a wire that was built into whatever you have in your car.

  3. they dropped firewire in their new macbooks! shame! i use firewire all the times!!!! it syncs like 1k songs in less than 2 mins! BASTARDS!


  4. i have the itouch and its fine charging – depending what u use. im using the Belkin iTrip and its great.

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