Adriana Lima & Victoria’s Secret $5 Million Fantasy Bra

That is probably the most expensive bra on the hottest women on this planet, what a combination. I think that Adriana Lima is the hottest Victoria Secret Angel that has ever been, period. This Victoria Secret bra set with 3,575 black diamonds, and 117 of them are 1 carat diamonds.

Designed for maximum cleavage enhancement and adorned with nearly 3,900 stunning gems, it’s the ultimate fantasy gift. Total carat weight: 1500 ct. $5,000,000

Link: Bastardly

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. plastic

    ay caramba

  2. MYK

    Not quite the most expensive. I remember Heidi Klum wore an 8 million dollar bra to Jay Leno’s show and later came the 10 million dollar bra which was modeled by Tyra Banks. I guess Victoria decided to bring it down a notch in accordance to the recent world economy crisis.

    Oh and Adriana would look just as good with a 500 fils bra from Mahameed :p

  3. jewaira

    Mmmm she’s beautiful. Better than food Marzouq

  4. dude u’re killing us with these pics :P

  5. She looks much more expensive than the bra, i would take her if i get to chose ;-)

  6. HeartBeat

    Wlak Yo’borneeeeeeeee !!

  7. suspic

    Hubba hubba!

  8. Dodo

    ummm,,, you guys are really upto date when it comes to bras ha ;p walla mohayneeeeeen entaw! ;)

  9. You’ve got some guts to post about this. Where is the MOC and thawaher salbiya. I think they will enjoy it!

  10. Natasha

    I like Adriana Lima.
    But the last image has been photoshopped. I am pretty sure/

  11. nikki

    looooove yoooou adriana lima

  12. Lon

    All images of models are photoshopped lol. There’s no such thing as a “beautiful woman” these days unless something about her is fake. It’s sad. And funny thing is all those guys jerking off to the photos would be pretty surprised if they saw her in real life… 5’10” 112 lbs? Nasty.

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