Morning Outing

The weather was so nice recently that I decided to head out on the bike as soon as I was back. It was a clear day, and I could feel the cool wind. My Nano was charged and my playlists sorted out, so I got on the bike and headed for the seaside. There were a few vehicles on the road and people heading to work from the seaside but its still an enjoyable ride. I think the only thing driving me nuts is that I can’t eating anything during the ride, I do get hungry but I only stop for a bottle of water and drink the whole thing. Oddly enough I could smell meat from the morning, bakeries, I could even pick up the smell of doughnuts at different points. Its really funny when you get the wiff and suddenly my mind is thinking about food and the nice weather. 

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. mmm nice, must have been really refreshing ^^

    I remember when I had the very good smell for a while after i finished being sick, its soo weird but kinda cool(my sister would ask me whats for lunch LOL)

  2. Oooooh! That sounds like the best thing one can do with one’s morning! What it’s weird, though, is the smell of meat. Why would bakeries have meat in the morning?

  3. I can’t stop myself from eating in the car even after the law banning it, so God help you now that you’re riding and dieting, it’s not easy kilish

  4. Shaji Aboobakar

    How about I create a website for you? You have good content on your blogs.

  5. My sis wants to marry you because of your bikes :P

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