Travel Pricing

I was recently checking for flights to San Francisco in December, just to see what pricing has been like. Some prices were within the normal range and some were insane. I was checking Business Class seats for the times in mind on Emirates Airlines, British Airways, and Lufthansa.


Business Class:

  • Emirates: 2612 KWD (New Direct Flight from Dubai to San Francisco)
  • British Airways: 2975 KWD
  • Lufthansa: 1862 KWD
The price of Emirates is on their new direct San Francisco flight is justifiable, so I can understand the high price. Lufthansa is same price as usual, but the British Airways price is nothing short of insane. I have noticed their pricing has been jumping over the past two years. Who can justify a 1000 KWD difference between Lufthansa and British Airways when the route is identical. It seems over the past year British Airways have lost 35% of their business in Kuwait due to their high pricing, and people are changing over to Lufthansa, KLM, Itihad, Emirates, and a few others for their long haul flights.

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  1. Amjad: Its getting there!

    Pearls: very much so!!!

  2. Dana


    Try Delta. They’ll be flying directly between Kuwait and Atlanta 4 times a week starting on Tuesday. You’ll only have one stop in Atlanta, so it’s basically the same as the others. Plus, you’ll save about 500 KD on the Business Class.

  3. I’d go with Lufthansa, Plus you can get a %50 off the price from the right people there ;-) , if yo know what I mean ? :-)

    Use your miles to save as well

  4. It is not only their high prices! The overbooking is a nightmare. When you’re booked to fly on BA you won’t relax until your on board.

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