Saturday Riding

The past couple of days have been nothing but amazing weather, even when it rains a little I still want to ride. The best part of waking up so damn early on a Friday morning is having the streets of Kuwait completely to yourself. Met up with Vampire and Monichum around 7ish at Starbucks Bide’a. We had our route planned out like usual, we were thinking about going to Julai’a but we didn’t have the time.

Even when waiting at Bida’a we kept seeing bike after bike passing by, engine roaring as they are going from sport bikes to cruisers and of all makes. Its a great feeling these bikers out at this time taking advantage of the amazing weather. I do prefer the cold over the heat anytime of the day. We took off down the GulfRoad enjoying each and every curve it had to offer, and the past part is taking it without worrying about the next idiot who will lean on you.

After finishing up our nice ride we headed back to Starbucks Bida’a and met up with a few guys we knew. It was a bunch of Ducatis and one KTM parked there, it was honestly a beautiful site and that was left was for us to be in some village in Italy.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Mashalaha…the RC8 with its sharp edges looks like a stealth fighter among the other bikes.

  2. Anonymous

    I was there! At Albide3 Starbuck around 9:30! I knew that bike looked familiar when I saw it there!

  3. It was one beautiful day. I kept riding till the sunset.

  4. JoJo

    You guys are such lucky ones.Believe me Marzouq, I just came back from Italy & no way you see such a site,,, only may be when there is a Ducati Day.You only see scoters !!

  5. I love the retro Dukes, great heritage unfortunately a pain on long trips when you are close to 50.

  6. it was a flying amazing ride

    nice color combo :) “

  7. i expect u to come pick me up min elma6ar on wednesday

    minzman i didnt go on a ride


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