Ride to Sav3 Event

Dar Al Shifa Hospital and Kuwait BMW Motorcycle Club will hold the first Ride-to-Sav3 drive on Saturday 15th November, starting 3pm.

Bikers from the club and other fellow bikers (BMW motorcycles, Ducatis, Harleys) will drive from the Green Island to Dar Al Shifa Hospital to donate blood. The convoy of bikers marks the support towards the importance of donating blood.

This event is taking place this Saturday and everyone is encouraged to participate. Tristar motorcycles sent out text messages to its customers and I got the email above. I will hopefully be riding during this time and so will a few other people. Its for a really good cause and I think its important for people to give blood, there has been situation when people do need blood that I know off and they have asked for people to donate. Hopefully there will be a big turn out for this event.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I heard that if u gives 2 liters of blood u’ll get to ride the Desmosedici..is that true?

  2. JoJo

    This is indeed a good cause.The great majority of bikers are responsible & this is a very good way to show it. Weldone BMW Motorcycles Club & Dar-el Shefa

  3. if it aint got bikini clad, tattoo sporting babes it aint no bike drive …….

  4. LOL @KTDP

    Gawakom alla :-) anything for a good cause!

  5. Thats great to hear that they are doing some really good things out there :)

  6. Les

    To King Kong Bong: everyone is welcomed to join

  7. Please do a follow up on this post and tell us how the ride – and the blood drive – went. Thank you!

  8. Q80 In Denver

    lol when I first saw the picture, I thought it was a Strawberry Ice Cream with a cherry :p

  9. Les

    Update: 176 bikers were gathered for the first time ever in Kuwait: 75 BMW Motorcycles, 50 DUCATIS, 3 KTMS, 15 HARLEY DAVIDSONS, 20 SUZUKI, 5 KAWASAKI, 8 YAMAHA.

  10. JoJo

    What happened to the Hondas !! I am sure the 15 bikes you thought were Harley Davison were actually Honad Goldwings.Big clap for them.Harley’s did not show-up as I guess the drive was not a Bike Show or Tato intensive !!

  11. Les

    How can I forget the Hondas! got the numbers and posted them directly without checking! Sorry!

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