The Boards Have Arrived

After a lot of tinkering and figuring things out with the Windows Home Server, I’m planning on building a new server and performing a data and hardware transplant. Two boards have arrived:

The Asus board will be used for the server and it will be the work horse to make sure that it takes care of everything. Suprisingly I’m running the current WHS on a weak motherboard but its handling it, but its reaching its limit and I have almost filled up 11 TB worth of data with duplication. Expansion is at hand but with the right planning, in regards to the Skulltrail I am going to build a 64 bit Vista machine to handle all the tasks, and I’m planning on upgrading my KVM to a dual dvi output KVM and at last one has been made by Linkskey.

I would want to build the machines now but I have to wait on the rest of the parts which are slowly trickling in. I bought one case online against my better judgement because of the shipping cost and the other one will be from Kuwait, so I have to see what is available.

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  1. Need.. more… must.. have.. more… :|

  2. slade

    wow! Good choice dude. The skull trail is the God of all mobos!

  3. board is here, fan and crap are here. processors have yet to ship …….. crap ……..

  4. ivan


    Your P5Q motherboard offers only six SATA ports on board. If one has 15 SATA hard drives to connect to a P5Q motherboard, what kind of SATA controller board would you recommend one use to give one an additional nine SATA ports?

    I’m asking this because I hit a dead end building my home fileserver using an old Asus PC-DL Deluxe motherboard I had laying around. I installed two Promise PCI SATA controller cards to give me an additinal eight SATA connection ports. What I discovered is that my motherboard BIOS does not allow more than five hard drives to be connected to the motherboard, therefore I can’t use PCI SATA controller cards to add additional SATA ports. I would appreciate it if you can share a component list for your new server project. Thanks.

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