The New Star Trek Movie

All I can say is WOW.  I have been excited about a Star Trek movie in a while, and this looks damn good. Its directed by J.J. Abrams and we have to way until May 2009 to see it. It honestly looks amazing, just take a look at the trailer with a great story.

Link: Apple Trailers

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  1. It is an epic flick, it looks great and is probably much darker than it seems.

    It is not just a reboot of the franchise but also a sequel (the film involves time-travel Romulans trying to kill a young James T. Kirk) and will feature Leonard Nimoy as an older post-TNG Spock as well.

    Trek needed some fresh blood, new ideas and a new look, to try and gain the non-Trekkies out there and this movie looks like it will do the job.

    This movie is next summer’s TRANSFORMERS – it looks like a huge hit.

  2. Q80 In Denver

    This looks Great! MARZOUQ if u want to see a kick ass trailer then go see the NEW trailer of WATCHMEN!

  3. tartooob

    It will just suck like Cloverfield did, believe me, J.J Abrams just love to play games, no skills

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