Japan Manga Cars

This is probably the coolest set of cars a person can have and they are all owned by one Yoshida San. Yoshida is a matured gentlemen, an avid gamer, and the owner of AGE SOFT a video game software house. I can’t believe how funky these cars look with the manga on it, I really like what he is done even though many will not appreciate it, but in Japan they are beautiful.

Link: WorldCarFans

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  1. Komsomol

    What exactly is a “matured gentlemen”?

    I don’t like it personally I would prefer more patterned things like the graphics you see in old Wipeout games.

    But to each his own.

  2. Oh! I wast talking about this the other day on your previous post! Are you sure that the first car isn’t your car? Are you sure!? Are you sure man!?

  3. Interesting .. I would like to see one just like that driving on the streets of Kuwait!

  4. Broken Wings

    Its actually called ita-sha

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