HP BlackBird 002

The HP Blackbird is back with a little bit more reaonsable pricing. The technical design of this case is excellent with tool-free configuration and it can come up with 8GB of DDR3 RAM, Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad-Core 3.2 GHz, Liquid Cooling for CPU & GPU, Dual Graphics cards and a few more options. The price range can go from $1800 up to $6500 depending on your choices, I like how it is but not sure about liquid cooling lasting long, might prefer air cooling.

Link: HP

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  1. TI3GIB

    These are the last pieces for these models. They are soon to be replaced with i7 cores.

  2. TI3GIB

    These are the last pieces for these models. They are soon to be replaced with i7 cores.

  3. tartooob

    HP is so old and they upgrade their systems too late and they are new in this area of super computers, I advice anyone to get AlienWare with his eyes shut .

  4. Tartoob: I disagree with your opinion. For many reasons here are but some:

    1.) The blackbird line is somewhat a re-incarnation of VoodooPC. HP bought VoodooPC some time ago. Unfortunately this means that VoodooPC is dying albeit slowly but painfully.

    2.) Old? A PC consists of parts, which can be changed or replaced. Which parts? PSU, MB, GPU, CPU, RAM, Cooling all of which are made by other companies. Corsair, Coolermaster, etc…..

    3.) Both Alienware and Blackbirds are bloody expensive, I wouldnt touch either with a 10ft pole. I roll my own gaming rigs, have been over 10 years now, and never regretted it.

    To the rest of you readers, if you buy Gaming Rigs for its name, then choose whatever works for you. At this price range all that counts is that “YOU” are happy with it. Not what other people think.

    Personally I roll my own, cause at half the cost I can build a rig that out preforms anything that Alienware or VoodooPC can come up with. (Obviously it wont look as ugly or sweet as their rigs lol)

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