Restructing Hardware

So I have been operating very well with my current network and hardware setup, it has done very well to centralize most of my items and having a certain system to move media around. At this point I have reached a point of expansion. First off I’m rebuilding my WHS server on another server and reaching the maximum expansion this time on one go. My current setup is at 11.2 TB which I have almost maxed out, so the next setup will be around 18 to 21 TB and I will be reusing a lot of the hard drives that I currently have.

I will be shifting the big server to a Lian Li case and placing it next to a 27U rack which will hold three readynas 1100, one gigabit network switch, one rack mount server, and one 1500 KVA UPS for all the equipment including the WHS Server. This is going to take some time but it will really clean up my storage solution and I would have a very reliable and expandable setup. And I keep expanding in that rack.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Hope that nothing goes wrong with the set up, you know what i mean hehehehe

  2. Seriously dude, what kind of content do you save?!

  3. Planning to expand my network too, aiming towards XSAN 2 and xServes.

  4. you’re going to invite us on the launch day, right?

    3baid, I dont know about Marzouq but some of us set up these projects just because we can, lol. and remember, HD movies and anime.

    keep us posted with problems/solutions you go through with this. best of luck!

  5. Eddy

    holly cow 11 tb!! how many anime can one person watch?? :) but y not just delete some stuff u wont watch again?

  6. Wow mashalla!
    Good Luck!

  7. whoa dude ! all you need now is broadcasting equipment and you can start your own Anime channel ! :P

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