GulfRun Timings Are Out

I knew I did decently this year but I didn’t expect that I was this high up. I tried pushing it a bit on the GP Circuit which has the long straight and I can really take off. I didn’t have a chance to participate in the Autocross and I doubt I would have done that well since my car is a little large, and I didn’t want to participate in the Quarter Mile since I know how hard I would have pushed my car. I really enjoyed the Inner Circuit and the GP Circuit.

14th of 31 vehicle, and I still have some room to improve, need to really follow my lines, I think I was enjoying drifting my car into some corners and not following better driving practices. I even remember one of the track instructors telling me that he wants to ride with me in the car because I seem to be enjoying myself.

Check out the link to GulfRun for the full timings of all the different circuits and vehicles.

Link: GulfRun

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    Was one of the best experiance that I had, Hope that next year my AE86 will be ready.

  2. Next year you can hopefully be in between 1 – 10.

  3. I was just going through the gulf run blog checking on the timings of Autocross and others. It seems Mitsubishi Evolution is doing pretty good at most of the places.

  4. Nice going man. Keep it up and hopefully I’ll be able to join GR5.

  5. Dana

    Pictures look amazing! was there any girls at the event? I would LOVE to be apart of it! alos where can i find videos on the event?

  6. Dana:

    Girls attended as visitors, we will hopefully having a few join us as drivers next year. We will be uploading the videos to the website shortly.

  7. mabroooooook ^_^

    inshalla nexttime you’ll be in the top 5 ;)

  8. ASM

    Congratulations on your great times Z. You did very well this year, and a very well done job on your car mashala i love it. It seems like your racing lines has improved drastically keep it up good job. :)

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