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Tom Cruise does seem to find these unique movies, and he plays the role of the Colonel Stauffenberg extremely well. It is one of the biggest secrets kept during the WWII, a group of German men who looked to stop the atrocities which were being perpetrated by Hitler. This movie takes WWII from a different angle, from those inside of Germany hoping to save it from the brink of destruction at the hands of Hitler. Even with Hitler’s paranoia they manage to move forward with their plans. Stauffenberg pushes them harder as the ball starts rolling. It is a movie not to be missed which brings to light a part of history which was unknown.

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  1. That map looks like a Metal Gear map, you have to try portable ops for the PSP, there is an online play feature where you can play with people over the internet and chat and stuff, hilarious and fun. I would like to watch the movie but every time i remember that Tom Cruise is a Scientologist the taste of the movie turns bitter.

  2. M Code, I’m not a big fan of Tom Cruise either but Valkyrie was pretty good, worth the watch.

    lol @ MG’s map. It does look like the map but sorry man the PSP ops game was really boring. I gave it to my nephews. The game lacked a good story. You want the real deal play the final part on the PS3; almost perfect in my opinion! Amazing CGs, great weapon gallery, smooth playing and tactics, and the best plot ending for all the previous Metal Gear parts. It was worth buying the PS3 for :D I didnt try the online gaming though.

  3. M

    well guys need to clear some things out! i think are important

    The holocaust is an over-empazised partly untrue story of this century so we need to dig deeper into it in order to know the reality of the holocaust. the jews were not gas chambered and there deaths were around thousands not millions.

    Most of the oscars go to actors and actresses who play a role/movie in favour of the holocaust issue. Nearly all the western nations are told in some point in time of their lives that the holocaust was a very sad issue to feel sorry and guilt. It’s a big Zionist game going around in the world.

  4. It’s true some Jews have issues with their over-dramatized representation of their past sufferings, this movie is focused solely on the assassination attempts on Hitler. There wasn’t any reference to the holocaust whatsoever, unless the cinematic version we have here is censored somehow. There’s no conspiracy theory here :D

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