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This always happen every year I make an upgrade, I went to InfoConnect Expo to see Qnet prices and so decided to upgrade to the 7MB connection. I asked them to do a line test on my connection, turns out my limit is 8MB down and 1 MB down, meaning I have to take something below 8 MB, and 6MB would be playing it safe, I thought I would push it a little with the 7MB.

Same thing happened last year, I upgraded from 2MB to 4MB and the line was down, took them a week to sort it out. I do appreciate that they do have decent prices, and their phone support has improved greatly over the past year. I have called with problems before, and the customer service department were very helpful.

Now my connection dropped from 4MB connection to a 786 Kbps connection. They told me its a port problem, something on their side and so hopefully they can sort it out soon. I told them to note that I already changed the phone cable inside the house, and the one from the exchange to the DB of the house, and this is a direct line. I took all precautions to make sure this line gets as little interference as possible, its a fax line which is used for internet so it doesn’t need to go through a PBX.

Now I have to wait for them to sort things out, I just hope to be able to use the 7MB connection very soon, I’m eager to use it. I keep forgetting that my friend has a 16MB connection in his house for $34, such a difference, but still Kuwait is oddly in a better situation then most countries in the Middle East because of the larger choices we have.

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  1. Im considering upgrading my Quality Net from 2MB to 3MB (maybe 4) and am heading to the ma3ruth today. How do I know if my house yistuqbil that speed or does your issue only apply with the higher speeds you mentioned in the post?

  2. Bandwidth is like fast bikes, we get used to the speed and it starts feeling slow by time, so we upgrade…and after sometime we upgrade again……
    am using 2Mb and it feels like a dial-up especially after using 8Mb plus speeds when on vacation abroad.
    i still remember the days when i used to pay KD25 for a dail-up.



  4. suspic

    Ha, we just got 2MB and I thought it was magical. I wonder how 16MB would feel like.

  5. Can you like move to the nearby house and share your wireless with me :P

  6. q80saracen: Call up 1804444 ask them to do a “Line Test” and tell you what is the maximum of your line. My issue applies to anyone, basically its the problem we have with the infrastructure in Kuwait.

    Adrenaline: I know what you mean!

    Rand_4: looool!

    suspic: Its ridiculous! So fast!

    Jacqui: I can do point to point! :) lol

  7. M-Sanner

    [Quote]”Kuwait is oddly in a better situation then most countries in the Middle East”[/Quote]

    Well, I don’t know if you consider Turkiye as part of ME, Europe or Asia but there you can get 4mb for $45 USD, 8mb $70 and the ADSL2+ (not available yet in q8) is 24mb for $180 USD

    Egypt has ADSL2+ from TEData too, but why not Kuwait!

    /source: SuperOnline, Türk Telekom, TurboNet Broadband Co.

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