Review: Taken

This is a simple story about a man who has a secret past with the government which he left to be close to his daughter. Once his daughter is taken he uses every skill he has learned during his time with the government to get her back. Liam Neeson pulls of the docile character with a father’s rage perfectly, you can’t believe what he does. The story keeps you on your toes and Liam keeps it going step after step, it has taste of The Bourne Identity but with a unique and convincing story. I can’t recommend this movie enough, watch it if you haven’t already.

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  1. Q80 In Denver

    I thought it was an O.K movie .. Nothing special :/ the acting is kinda shitty .. 6/10

  2. yeah i agree, i enjoyed it soo much!!

  3. Miss-Informed

    I thought the Qatar car was insulting :P but I liked the movie a lot :)

  4. I agree with Miss-Informed. Why Qatar in particular? Nevertheless, I enjoyed the “crazy” action.

  5. One of the best movies i’ve seen so far this year

  6. i don’t think i’ll watch a better movie in 2009
    it is what i call a perfect movie

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