Gmail Labs Adds Multiple Inboxes

Now this is one very useful feature from Gmail, at last you can view multiple panels in one window. You can enable it in the through the Labs tabs, and these tabs can be configured to show different emails such as those unread, from a certain person, starred, with attachments, and a maximum of five different panels. The setup does look nice, but there is still room to clean up the look. Then there are a lot of other options to play around with in the Gmail Labs.

Panels by searches:

  • is:starred
  • is:unread
  • has:attachment

Link: Lifehacker

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  1. H


    I agree with you, very useful feature, however i have another question for you: how did you get the attachment icons to show in your gmail window next to the email message? :)


  2. H:

    From the top right of Gmail screen click sittings then the Multiple Inboxes tab. (You have to have enabled Multiple Inboxes from inside of the Labs tab)

    Settings -> Multiple Inboxes

    From there you enter the criteria you want of the emails you want showing up on the different panes, what I have is starred, unread, and from a specific site.

  3. I tried it but it annoyed the hell out of me so I just went back to my old settings :P

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  5. Laialy_q8

    i luv google

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