2009 Ducati Monster 1100


“Same Hooligan Thrills, Newfound Polish”

That pretty much sums up the new Monster 1100, a jump up from the 696 which has been a successful successor of the 695. Ducati has taken the right steps in the best direction even in these tough times. For this machine they went with the usual air cooled engine which produces a lot of power and torque for all those riders who are going to enjoy its rev. Based on the review it does have a unique feeling to the ride, but like any monster its going to have lots of parts that can be modified to make it such a personal motorcycle. I can’t wait to see what customized version of this machine is going to look like since I know lots of people are going to enjoy this machine and will want to start customizing.

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  1. I have! Its an amazing machine, but waiting on a few reviews to know what its like. Its one scary looking machine!

  2. JoJo

    I was told by TriStar that the Monster 1100S ( Pearl White) is already in Kuwait & will be in the showroom this afternoon.The M1100S is produced first & therefore the M1100 will be only available in a months time. What a beauty ! Marzouq, I think you should go for one as an easy commuter & in town ridding while the weather is still good.

  3. Did monsters previously have a single side swingarm ? this one looks great!

  4. JoJo


    The large capacity Monstrs had single swingarm. the small ones had double.

  5. JoJo

    I checked & it is only 5200 so may be you got that wrong.It is a bargaing with Ohlins suapension & carbon bits. If interested

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