Ducati Streetfighter coming to Kuwait

A great chassis, a powerful engine, lots of torque, a nice single sided swing arm and good brakes make this an exciting machine. The Streetfighter is a different machine with a up right riding position, it really looks to be the best naked bike yet. I like the design of this machine, and it seems to be coming ot Kuwait around April for 5200 KD for the standard one and 6100 KD for the Streetfighter S in Red.

I really like the red version of the bike, you can check out the pictures below. Also the white looks really good too, this is one beautiful machine.

Link: Ducati

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  1. Beautiful machine the black is nice but it hides its lines

  2. abdulaziz

    the term “naked bike” is interesting, Im a rookie when comes to bikes but I think the Aprilla FV2 1200 looks amazing as a “naked bike”, dont you?

  3. K

    Ducati always finds a way to come up with speechless machines!
    i love it…

  4. it’s been ages i didn’t ride!! these PICs make me wanna hop on my bike

    love the Fighter ;)

  5. Hellraiser

    This is by far the best looking Ducati todate, raw yet sleek.

  6. yamalink

    Ducati told me the S will be a May – at the earliest – delivery and the non-S around July or August.

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