A Sad Day for Men

I couldn’t believe the title of this link when I saw it, the goddess of Victoria Secret has been taken by this basketball hoodlum. Adrianna Lima has forever been lost, what a tragedy. Even with her on his arms that man isn’t smiling, what is wrong with him.

Link: YahooSports

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL nice one – misakeen the guys a7batlihum 2amalhum

  2. maryam

    LOL when I read the news, I thought, how come Marzouq didn’t post about this ;P Maybe too heartbroken ;P

  3. Madao

    This bastard is #2 on my hitlist, right after Michael Douglas!

  4. looooooool
    I think that he thinks he is dreaming that’s why the dumb face ;p

    Marzouq i have been reading ur blog for more than 2 yrs …
    excellent job… keep on man XD

  5. suspic

    She can always cheat on him y’know. :D

  6. I give it 2 years max!

  7. Life is so cruel…:(

  8. aldana

    dude! he’s not even hot ;S laish ya adriana .. she can do sooooo much bettteeerr

  9. Cerebral Assassin

    (U) im distraught..

  10. tartooob

    lol man you’re so funny xD

  11. Hellraiser

    Its not all about looks you know…

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